Take Away the Charm, You’re Left With A Liar As President



Barack Obama will say anything to deceive people while putting on a false front in order to further his leftist ideology furtively in plain sight. He says one thing and does another. What’s good for him is not for others. It’s what they do in tinpot dictatorships.

As one example, he will get his way on the nuclear deal and degrade opponents at the same time. This is a man who has nothing but positive things to say about the people who regularly chant, “Death to America”, “Death to Israel,” “Death to England.”

This is what he said at the May 1st, 2010 at the University of Michigan commencement address about not comparing people to Fascist regimes:

“Now, the second way to keep our democracy healthy is to maintain a basic level of civility in our public debate. (Applause.) These arguments we’re having over government and health care and war and taxes — these are serious arguments. They should arouse people’s passions, and it’s important for everybody to join in the debate, with all the vigor that the maintenance of a free people requires.

But we can’t expect to solve our problems if all we do is tear each other down. (Applause.) You can disagree with a certain policy without demonizing the person who espouses it. You can question somebody’s views and their judgment without questioning their motives or their patriotism. (Applause.) Throwing around phrases like “socialists” and “Soviet-style takeover” and “fascist” and “right-wing nut” — (laughter) — that may grab headlines, but it also has the effect of comparing our government, our political opponents, to authoritarian, even murderous regimes.”

This week he compared the GOP to the Iran hardliners in a speech and a follow up interview.

In a Friday interview with Fareed Zakaria of CNN, he was asked, “In your speech at American university, you made a comparison. You said Iran’s hard liners were making common cause with Republicans. It is coming under criticism. Mitch McConnell said Democrats should be insulted.”

Obama, who wants ultimate obedience and respect for himself, said this:

“What I said is true factually. The people inside Iran, the people most opposed to the deal, are the revolutionary guard and hardliners opposed to any deal. The reason that Mitch McConnell and the rest of the folks in his caucus who oppose this jumped out and opposed it before they even read it. Before it was posted. It’s reflective of an ideological commitment not to get a deal done. In that sense, they do have loot in common with hardliners who are satisfied with the status quo.”

He said in his original speech that it doesn’t show true leadership.

Obama’s goal is a one-party Socialist state and in order to achieve that, he must destroy his opposition.


  1. Yes, and when the people of Iran were begging for help from Obama when they rose up against the mullahs and the revolutionary guard, in favor of democracy, Barack did nothing! and who’s side did Barack take? You guessed it, he made common cause with the mullahs and the revolutionary guard (the hardliners)….not only is he a common liar, he is also a common hypocrite.
    Remember Neda!

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