Taking 10,000 Syrian Refugees Is Two Days Worth


According to The World Population Review, the population of Syria stands at aproximately 22 million, with an estimated daily exit of 5,000 fleeing war and poverty. Obama has recently said he wants to take in 10,000 refugees from Syria, which would be two days worth. How would that help the overall problem?

Wouldn’t it be far better to assist these people in the first country they enter? Instead of the U.S. paying to vet these folks, especially since we can’t vet them, we could spend it on food, and medical assistance.

Perhaps Obama has some other motive for wanting to bring in the refugees?

Jim Comey admitted in October that we can’t screen Syrians. The records don’t exist.

Once we heard the refugees can’t be vetted, that should have been the end of the refugee program. The EU should do the same.

Rand Paul told Jennifer Lee of Fox News that “it’s absurd” for Obama to say the refugees are “no risk.”  He added that “If we can’t count the refugees that are here, we have no business adding to the problem”.

Lee asked Paul what we should do next.

Paul said, “I think no one knows, but our sympathies lie with the French and I hope we get to the bottom of it quickly as to who instituted the attacks. We have to be prepared and cautious about who visits. in Bowling, Kentucky. We had two refugees come and attempted to buy stinger missiles. One of them had a fingerprint from a bomb fragment. And he was on a known list. And two Boston bombers came here as refugees, and it is absurd that the women and children are no risk. We have many, many examples of refugees coming here and turning out to be a risk to our country.”

Lee asked about immediate legislation he is proposing.

Paul said, “The biggest entry for those who attack us is coming to visit and coming as a refugee or visitor or student. we have nearly a million students and 150,000 of them come from the Middle East. We have to be concerned about French citizens coming here. And most of the people involved in the attack will turn out to be French citizens. And what we have in place is a visa waiver.

If you want to come from France you don’t need a visa. I would stop that unless there is a global entry background check until we get a better handle on it, we need to stop the process and slow down and figure out who is in our country and figure out if anyone here is inclined to attack us.”

Rand Paul is also trying to pass an amendment to block new refugees from receiving taxpayer benefits. He wants to send a message to the president that we will use the power of the purse to stop him.


Sen. Ted Cruz was on The Hugh Hewitt Show and said to not even use the words “radical Islamic extremism” is a big part of the reason we don’t have a strategy. The Obama/Clinton proposal to bring tens of thousands of refugees to this country is “lunacy.” It’s “inexplicable”, he said.


Radio Talk Show host Rush Limbaugh thinks Obama has become a threat. He said today, “I’m telling you Obama has become dangerous,” declared Limbaugh on his national broadcast Wednesday. “Where do you think the modern-day, 19- [or] 20-year-old terrorist comes from, Mr. President?”

“We can’t take the world here. There is no right to immigrate. We just can’t accept every human being suffering in this world in the United States.

“We are not a nation of racists, sexists, bigots, homophobes or what have you,”Limbaugh continued.

“As far as Barack Obama is concerned, you and me and every other Republican conservative is a bigger reprobate and a bigger threat than ISIS,” he told his listeners. “And that, sadly, is not even arguable.”

“Everything you’re watching … is political in nature and is being reported to you because of the political opportunity the issue has,” he said.

“Why is it so many Democrats don’t even want to ask questions, [and] don’t even care to find out who they [the refugees] are? They just want them here. The answer is political. It’s not humanitarian. It’s not rooted in compassion. The answer is politics.”

Marco Rubio also said Barack Obama “politicizes everything” and “unable to be a commander-in-chief”.

h/t Bob Trent


  1. It 8:04 EST. want to have a total melt down?
    Read Fox News headline!

    PRESIDENT OBAMA IS THREATENING to veto legislation aimed at improving screening for Syrian refugees, potentially putting the White House and Congress on a collision course in a matter of days.

    At this point is there any doubt who this guy works for?

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