Taking Back America – Right Here, Right Now!


defaced flag

by Gary Spina

There is a surefire way to immediately reclaim America – to make it happen decisively and immediately.

Somehow Washington has succeeded in convincing us that conservatives are not in the majority – or if we are, that we are an evil, greedy, heartlessly bigoted majority. But come this November, we can show them that we can fight smarter – and maybe a little dirtier as we finally outfox our tormentors.

We’ve succeeded in voting out Eric Cantor as house majority leader – the first time in American history a house majority leader was unseated. We thought that message would be loud and clear that We the People are tired of business as usual in Washington. But the GOP establishment doubled down on their hypocrisy and duplicity and in a spiteful “in-your-face” slap at conservatives, they defiantly elected Kevin McCarthy to replace Cantor – a politician exactly like Cantor who knows well how to wheel and deal and dance with the devil while always keeping the needs of the party above the needs of the people.

Small victories gain us nothing but contempt from the GOP who defiantly control our destiny. So, I propose one very large victory come this November – one monumental thunderclap that will finally bring the GOP establishment to its knees and begin to restore its conservative roots.

We will still have a solid Republican majority in the House of Representatives without Boehner and McCarthy. Voting them out of Washington is an achievable goal. United in our efforts, We the People can do it. Without Boehner and McCarthy, the remaining Republicans will be quite subdued as we prove to them that we control their destinies now, a point of fact we should have asserted all along. A shell-shocked GOP – and even Democrats — will have learned to fear the people.

Come this November, let us all concentrate on John Boehner’s 8th District in Ohio and Kevin McCarthy’s 23rd District in California. Let us run them out of Washington and finally make both Republicans and Democrats sit up and take notice. (We’ll leave the Senate alone for now. Even though there are GOP senators who may as well be Democrats, the numbers aren’t there, and we are going to need a Republican dominated Senate to stop Obama’s destruction of America.)

Let us rally in John Boehner’s 8th Ohio District and Kevin McCarthy’s 23rd California District with banners and bumper-stickers that read: “Anyone but Boehner!” and “Anyone but McCarthy!” And let’s make sure conservative Republicans don’t just sit out the election. Let’s have them go to the polls and vote in the Democrat. It is a distasteful prospect, I know, but these are desperate times with America’s future on the balance scales of history.

We can change everything in just one election this November. Even if we fail, we will have made the GOP – and every politician in Washington — fear us to a degree they never have before.

Who has a website? Who has access to someone who can run off a massive number of bumper stickers? Who has contacts in Tea Party organizations in Ohio or California? Who can help buy banners and placards and even media advertising? Why not ask the Democrats for funding? Hey, why not? Who can help convince every Republican in Ohio’s 8th and California’s 23rd to get out on Election Day and vote in the Democrat? Maybe you can even hold your nose and man the phone banks and help the Democrats get out the vote.

The odds may be against us. All the sweeter the victory.

If you imagine it, you can make it real. And what a change it will bring – to begin to bring America back! Let us fight the smart fight for once. Let us concentrate our resources for the important battles, and let us beat the establishment politicians at their own game — down and dirty and smart. Let’s show them we are not afraid of an old-fashioned American street brawl.