Tale of Two Hoodies Pt. 2: Kentucky School Teaches Students a False Hate Narrative


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If you want to know what is being taught in some government schools today, it’s hate, disrespect for authority, and anti-police contempt and there is not a thing you can do about it.

To digress for a moment, people have to realize that when hate is directed at all police, it will be generalized by youth towards all authority. It won’t be compartmentalized.

The student’s drawing above is of an officer aiming a gun at a black child (Trayvon Martin) alongside a drawing of a KKK terrorist aiming a gun at a black man. It is hung in an honors class in a Kentucky school district.

It was hung up last year and it’s been recycled again this year as students read the book To Kill a Mockingbird.

The drawing also compares both the confederate battle flag and the US flag in a virulently negative way.

As I said, it’s about hate and anti-Americanism.

When a parent, a police officer, asked that it be taken down, the school refused.

Suppose the police had a photo of black people dressed as the Black Panthers shooting cops and hung it up in their precincts? They could include Panthers waving ISIS flags since they were domestic terrorists.

Oldham County Schools spokeswoman Tracy Green said the drawing was created by a North Oldham High School student during the 2014-15 school year. It was part of an art project that resulted from a discussion about civil unrest in an honors English class.

Maybe the police should hang up drawings of the criminals burning down buildings in Ferguson and Baltimore.

The drawing is a copy of a Tale of Two Hoodies which has been banned in many public forums. It’s based on a false narrative that Trayvon Martin was very young and killed by an officer. Trayvon was killed by an armed civilian looking for trouble and the skittles Trayvon had was probably not innocent.

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The father, the police officer, took a photo and posted it on Facebook. It is now being discussed widely on social media.

“My requests to the school to abstain from this obvious hostile learning environment were met with deaf ears,” Dan Hamblin, a police officer whose daughter is a current student in the honors English class, said in a Facebook post dated Feb. 22.

“My daughter is not unlike other children of first responders,” Hamblin went on to write. “She fears for my safety every day, and believes me to be a man of honesty and courage. She is proud to say I am her father and tells others what I do for a living. What this propaganda creates, are future cop haters, which endanger me, and 800,000 other courageous protectors. We speak of tolerance, we speak of changing hostile environments, we speak of prejudice, and we speak of racial relations, yet, when it comes to hostility toward police, their families, and profiling them through bigotry we are expected to tolerate it. I will not, nor will my child.”

Hamblin requested that those who read his post share it with others, which thousands of people have done.

If you go to the school’s website, you will find that it’s allegedly a National School of Excellence.

Their self-described mission is to promote the overall intellectual, physical, emotional and social development of each child so that she/he will become a productive, healthy, creative citizen of our society.

School spokeswoman Ms. Green digresses to a non sequitur and says the book is “beautiful” and has “NOTHING to do with the hatred filled propaganda”. The book is great, the picture isn’t.

“The assignment was about social injustice, Green said, and was meant to encourage students “to share opinions and be prepared for the world after high school where you’re going to encounter things that you disagree with.”

“The book is a beautiful piece of art describing social and familial dilemmas of the early 1900s, and has NOTHING to do with the hatred filled propaganda coming from some in this country today,” Hamblin said in his post. “The ‘art’ is not from a student in the class, it was from a student last year and the teacher liked it so much she placed it back on the wall.”

Is the United States of 1930 really the United States of 2015 and are the police the KKK? Is the US flag the same as the confederate flag? This woman, Ms. Green, wants us to believe it isn’t about hate and gross misrepresentation. Why not have the true story of Trayvon and Michael Brown depicted? Put up a picture of Brown beating the police officer with burning police cars in the background.

Some really love this false tale. Apparently comparing the police to the KKK and comparing the flags in a hateful manner is the way to go for some even though it’s a lie..

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Not everyone agrees.

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  1. Not a thing I can do about it? I disagree. I’ll continue to work toward a just society free from hate, where authority has earned and deserves respect and in which the police are above contempt. Wherever authority and the tools by which it is imposed are abused, they need to be opposed and decried.

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