Taliban Elevated to Legitimacy in Afghanistan – Update


Taliban sociopath

Afghanistan was the right war, the good war, the war meant to defeat al Qaeda where they had their base. The war had another goal, that of helping the women of Afghanistan.

The women in Afghanistan had been treated so horribly that it seemed to be a moral responsibility to save them.

Since we have been in Afghanistan, women have been elevated. Some go to school and those who live near the major towns have some freedom.

We went into Afghanistan to save people from al Qaeda and the Taliban, the truly evil bands of sociopaths who terrorize that area of the world. The Taliban harbors al Qaeda, follows the same tyrannical version of Islam as al Qaeda, and they are as violent. Actually, they are all the same people.

We are now being told we were only defeating al Qaeda, not the Taliban, and we are pretending the Taliban is somehow a legitimate group.

After ten years, we are leaving Afghanistan. Given that we are not going to properly fight the war and are leaving our soldiers to be murdered in green-on-blue attacks, I’m glad. Obama has no interest in this war and has added to the US apathy while our soldiers fight with their lives on the line.

We now negotiate with the very Taliban we went in to defeat.

Yesterday, Karzai and Obama, who met at the White House, offered the following statements:

“Ultimately security gains must be matched by political progress, so we’ve recommitted our nations to a reconciliation process between the Afghan government and the Taliban,” Obama said. “President Karzai updated me on the Afghan government’s road map to peace, and today we agreed that this process should be advanced by the opening of a Taliban office to facilitate talks.”

Karzai agreed this would be an important step for the peace process.

“We also agreed on the steps that we should be taking in the peace process, which is of highest priority to Afghanistan,” Karzai said. “We agreed on allowing a Taliban office.”

It is hard to believe that it was only in 2009 that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton railed against the corrupt Karzai government to no benefit. It is hard to believe we are still sending him money and will continue to do so. It is hard to believe that the Taliban has suddenly become acceptable. We are being told al Qaeda and the Taliban are two different groups which is only technically true.

When the elections take place, what kind of government do you think the embattled people of Afghanistan will vote for? It is not looking good but there is one ray of hope in the form a woman who is running for President at great risk to her life. She represents hope that Afghanistan never had before. [CNN]

We will keep some type of base in Afghanistan, unlike in Iraq. There will be somewhere between zero to 9,000 soldiers at the base. Leaving no soldiers gives al Qaeda and the Taliban free reign.

We are going to give the Afghanistan military $1 to $10 billion a year and we are going to give them equipment such as drones and helicopters to fight terrorists. We know the government is corrupt and we have already wasted billions on them. It is hard to know where this money and equipment will actually go.

In the following speech, Obama says that we succeeded in pushing out al Qaeda and have made certain that they will never again have a base in Afghanistan. [Hello, the Taliban is an al Qaeda affiliate!]

Lindsey Graham on what Obama’s actions in Afghanistan mean:

The good war is now the lost war. Our government is clueless I’m afraid.