Taliban in Pakistan Murder 10 Tourists Including One American


Nanga Parba

Photo of Nanga Parba, ninth largest mountain in the world and the scene of a massacre of 11 innocent people

CBS News reports that the Taliban murdered 10 tourists and one Pakistani guide in Pakistan. Among them was one American.

The 10 foreigners who were killed included two Chinese, one Chinese-American and one Nepalese, said Attaur Rehman, home secretary in the Gilgit-Baltistan area where the attack took place. The other six have not been identified. One Pakistani was also killed.

The Taliban in Pakistan announced that they will continue to murder tourists until the drone strikes stop.

This should end the tourism industry in Pakistan, a poor country starving for the revenue.

The Taliban made their way to the remote mountain area to target these specific individuals at the foot of the ninth highest mountain in the world.

Prior to this incident, as many as 20,000 tourists went to Pakistan for the mountain climbing and other travel in one of the last remaining safe countries in the region.

Analysts say that the government’s insistence on peace talks has helped the Taliban gain strength and that is why there is an increase in their attacks once again. “When the government and especially the leadership calls for a dialogue with the Taliban, the security forces become relaxed thinking that their job is over – which actually gives the Taliban time to regroup and rebuild. We have seen this happen many times before,” says Khadim Hussain, a development specialist who has worked on counter-terrorism projects in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region where the Taliban are headquartered.

The US has been trying to hold talks with the Taliban in Afghanistan to end the war without the support of the Afghanistan government who are upset that we would give the Taliban this credibility. It’s also not our sovereign nation – it’s theirs!