Taliban Shoot Young Afghan Woman Nine Times


Two Taliban males fighting over a burqa-clad Afghan women, pictured here squatting on the hillside, accused her of adultery to settle their differences. She might have had some kind of relationship with both men. She was quickly brought to the hillside and then murdered.

A man with a rifle shot her in public as jeering men spread throughout the hillside shouted, “God is great.”

A third Taliban killed the two involved in the woman’s murder. The victim was a 22 year old named Najiba who was too terrified to say a word in her own defense. She was shot nine times in an area only an hour outside the capital.

Detroit Free Press: …Mohammad Musa Mahmoodi, head of Afghanistan’s Human Rights Commission, said during the last three months alone, 58 murders of women had been documented across the country, most of them so-called honor killings, in which a woman is deemed to have disgraced her family by illicit contact with men, even if she is a victim of rape.

“It’s shocking in terms of the situation of women in Afghanistan,” he said. “Women face so much violence.”…