Taliban Terrorists Knew About the Prisoner Swap But Congress Didn’t



Stephen Hayes has an article in The Weekly Standard that should shock the most jaded among us. The GITMO prisoners knew about their upcoming release in the days before the swap with Bergdahl while Congress did not. Also, we were lied to about Bergdahl’s health. As it turns out, Bergdahl was not in ill health. He’s fine.

We are being lied to by our president as if we were living in a tinpot dictatorship. Our president has reinforced the enemy ranks by unilaterally releasing five vicious Taliban commanders and he lied about it.

Don’t forget that our madman of a president celebrated this in the Rose Garden.

From the Standard:

Sources with knowledge of the transfer tell THE WEEKLY STANDARD that prisoners at Guantanamo understood in the days before the transfer that something significant was imminent and may well have known who was being transferred. The security profile at Guantanamo had been raised, these sources say, and the daily routines of several prisoners had been broken up.

Ramzi Kassem, a law professor at the City University of New York who has represented detainees, told the Associated Press that the coming transfer was hardly a secret among the prison population. Kassem told the AP that the guards explained the heightened security as cautionary measures taken in advance of a coming hurricane. “The prisoners saw right through that and knew something big was up,” Kassem said. “Within a day or two of the event, everyone knew.”

It gets worse in some ways.

According to The Washington Times, Bowe Bergdahl’s parents had “extraordinary access to insider information”. Soon after Bowe Bergdahl went missing in June 2009, the Obama administration set up an outreach program that allowed the Bergdahls to travel to the National Guard headquarters in Boise where they were hooked into secure video conferences that included reps from US Central Command, State Department and intelligence officials.

Robert Bergdahl, Bowe’s father is very sympathetic to the Taliban judging from his tweets and YouTube friends, which makes this all the more peculiar. He has called for the release of all the prisoners in GITMO and appears to believe – from his tweets – that most are innocent.

By way of contrast, President Obama appeared to share no truthful information with families of the murdered men of Benghazi.

John Kerry lied, Susan Rice lied, Barack Obama lied, and Jay Carney lied about this trade. Charles Krauthammer wonders why the administration just doesn’t tell the truth: