Tarantino Was Given an Ominous Warning



Quentin Tarantino has become a symbol for revolutionaries fighting alleged “systemic” police brutality and like it or not, the bloom has thorns. What people are not being told is that he marched with the Revolutionary Communist Party and they are the ones who organized the rally. In addition to being a symbol for radicals, he is also quickly becoming a symbol of the brutal war against those decent police officers who risk their lives to protect others. It is one of the unintended consequences.

Law enforcement apparently has a plan to fight back.

The largest police union in the country issued an ominous warning to director Quentin Tarantino Thursday.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Jim Pasco, executive director of the Fraternal Order of Police, without going into detail said they will be “opportunistic”.

“Tarantino has made a good living out of violence and surprise,” says Pasco. “Our offices make a living trying to stop violence, but surprise is not out of the question.”

They aren’t seeking revenge but:

“Something is in the works, but the element of surprise is the most important element,” says Pasco. “Something could happen anytime between now and [the premiere]. And a lot of it is going to be driven by Tarantino, who is nothing if not predictable.

“The right time and place will come up and we’ll try to hurt him in the only way that seems to matter to him, and that’s economically,” says Pasco.

There are 700,000 law enforcement in the country and the FOP consists of more than 330,000 full-time sworn officers.

When asked if this was a threat, Pasco said no, at least not a physical threat.

“Police officers protect people,” he says. “They don’t go out to hurt people.”

Border Patrol agents across the country have joined the boycott against Tarantino’s film, The Hateful Eight. The Baltimore police unions have added their names to the growing list of names boycotting Tarantino’s film.

No one, including Fox News, will report the fact that the event of 300 protesters he attended – Rise Up October – (while Black Lives Matter members also attended) was put together by The Revolutionary Communist Party. They are advocating the overthrow of Capitalism and our way of life. Go to Rev.com yourself if you don’t believe me. I’m boycotting his films because he joined up with RevCom.

The only media personality I have heard speak somewhat honestly about who these people are is Bill O’Reilly. This isn’t an honest movement against police brutality – at least not any longer.

Tarantino has dismissed the boycotts, saying, “I’m not being intimidated.”

“I’m a human being with a conscience,” Tarantino said at the communist rally two weeks ago. “And when I see murder I cannot stand by. And I have to call the murdered the murdered and I have to call the murderers the murderers.”

I’m a person with a conscience also and I will not fund a communist by seeing his movies.