Tax-Exempt Commissioner Now In Charge of Obamacare Implementation


Sarah Hall Ingram

Photo of Sarah Hall Ingram

You can’t make this stuff up!

Much has been made of Joseph Grant being “forced” to retire. The retirement is being portrayed as an example of the tough leadership we are seeing from President Obama. The only problem is that it is a ruse.

One thing that is certain is that Joseph Grant had no hand in the scandal. He was only appointed to the job 8 days ago and planned to retire. He was given the job two days before the Tea Party scandal was announced by Lois Lerner.

Grant was the deputy commissioner of the tax exempt division since 2007. His supervisor, the commissioner, was Sarah Hall Ingram who left sometime in 2012 to head up the Obamacare implementation within the IRS.

For her performance as commissioner of the tax-exempt office, she received more than a hundred thousand dollars in bonuses. I don’t know why people are getting bonuses for doing their job and in her case, doing it badly, but they are.

She headed up the department from 2009 through 2012 when the conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status were targeted.

The IG report revealed that the targeting program began as far back as 2010. The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration concluded that it was the result of “ineffective management” and “inappropriate criteria” which must be corrected.

Since Miss Ingram was in charge, it is safe to assume that she was responsible for the ineffective management and inappropriate criteria. One thing she is now deciding, as Obamacare Chief, is how much hospitals can charge or not charge. She is being questioned by hospitals about the inflexible, one size fits all mandates being pushed onto hospitals.

Ingram has a liberal background. She received her BA from Yale in 1979 and her JD in 1982 from Georgetown University Law School. She is intelligent and has an impressive but narrow resume. She has only worked for the IRS.  She was commissioner of the office for tax-exempt organizations between 2009-2012.

As a lawyer, she would certainly know that targeting groups of people according to their political beliefs is unconstitutional.

One of her goals as commissioner was to provide “uniform and measured training about governance to our determination and examination agents.” She certainly trained them in uniformity. Every applicant who was right-leaning was filtered out by the IRS and their applications left hanging.

She is now the director of the IRS Affordable Care Act office, a promotion, and she will be in control of the IRS enormous expansion of regulatory power and staffing under Obamacare.

There is now a call to get the IRS out of Obamacare. HR2009 was introduced by Rep. Tom Price Thursday and it would do exactly that.

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