Tax Lawyer Addresses Black Lives Matter’s Leftist Tax Reform

Banner over City Hall in Somerville, Mass.
Banner over City Hall in Somerville, Mass.

Black Lives Matter is lauded by the left and has been repeatedly invited to the White House by the president  who told Americans to be “sympathetic” to them after they behaved badly. What is the attraction to this far-left looney group? They are funded by George Soros who we recently discovered has at least once given Hillary step-by-step directions on intervening in Albania. We know this from Wikileaks.

Tax lawyer Robert Wood, writing for Forbes, points out that they have a tax reform package now that is Marxist in nature and would transform our Capitalist society.

Black Lives Matter activists are calling for tax reform with the release a detailed economic policy platform. It includes proposals to reconstruct the economy. The following is a portion of the report, which calls for a progressive restructuring of tax codes at the local, state, and federal levels. Its goal is to ensure a radical and sustainable redistribution of wealth.

The plan is 100% statist. The top 1% already pay 43+% of the federal taxes and they want them to pay 80%. The rich wouldn’t be able to live with state, local and real estate taxes added in. They propose extensive taxes on capital, corporate income, they want to create anti-speculation tax on property transfers, raise estate taxes, impose a wealth tax, change property taxes. They want to decide what are good and bad activities and then tax accordingly.

The blacks get the wealth in this socialist system of course and here are some of their demands:

Develop and pass omnibus tax reform legislation in accordance with racial equity goal; Create a federal working group or commission to propose a full scale overhaul on tax policy that increases equity, and is particularly sensitive to racial equity; Each state should create a working group or commission to propose full-scale tax reform consistent with racial equity goals, and then create and enact implementing legislation; Expand Earned Income Tax Credits to ease the burden of regressive revenues, such as fees and sales taxes, on the poorest citizens..

This is the kind of leftist economy our administration wants or they and George Soros and now the Ford Foundation wouldn’t be pushing the group. George Soros is Hillary’s biggest bundler.