Taxpayer-Funded Genesis Solar Project Being Built on Sacred Burial Grounds

A cross marks the site where ancient human remains were found near the transmission line corridor for the $1-billion Genesis solar project 200 miles east of Los Angeles.

The government’s concern for minorities is evidenced in their handling of the Genesis Project in the Mojave Desert.

Their concern for minorities is strictly for political pandering and never bears fruit when the metal meets the road.

The $1 billion Genesis solar plant, which will only yield 250 megawatts and has an $825-million loan guaranteed by federal taxpayers, has been put on hold because the plant is being built on sacred burial grounds. The government knew in advance but didn’t care.

The government never asked permission of the tribes who have sovereignty over 264,00 acres of the property.

Before the solar project was intitated, they were warned that it was fertile with Native-American history but they chose to build without giving that any consideration. As the project proceeded at top speed, Indian artifacts and bones were uncovered.

When numerous human remains were found, Native Americans pleaded with Obama to slow the project down, and they did the opposite.

A pleading but tough letter from the chairman of the Colorado Indian Tribes brought no response from Obama.

Can you imagine Chase trying to put up a bank on this site? If this were Keystone, it would have been cancelled immediately. Remember when a wildflower was cause to stop Keystone?

The company is trying to say the remains were not found near the actual building but they are not doing anything to make certain of that.

The government claim is that they must build solar and wind energy projects rapidly to meet the enormous threat of global climate change (that’s not a joke, they’re serious).

Work has recently been halted and both sides are ready for a showdown. More taxpayer money is about to be wasted on a  faux emergency as the sloppy government-approved project tries to move forward with the desecration of sacred ground. Read more: LA Times

Petition for Prevention of Decimation of Sacred Native American Burial Grounds