Taxpayers Paid for ‘Trump as a Nazi’ Billboard


Mid-March we told you about the Trump as a Nazi billboard created by a leftist artist who describes herself as the “crazy cat lady.”

Trump wearing a Russian flag pin is shown in the center of mushroom clouds portrayed as laughing clowns, alongside “swastika dollar” signs. It popped up in Phoenix in mid-March.

Absurdly, the left is trying to paint Trump as a dictator and an anti-Semite.

Judicial Watch, the conservative watchdog group, obtained records that reveal the controversial billboard was commissioned by an “arts advocate” paid by Phoenix to “diminish barriers.”

Diminish barriers? It creates barriers.

According to records from the city of Phoenix, Moore received thousands of dollars in grants for a program she runs where the billboard is located.

The Nazi artwork was even debated at an annual local art celebration, Art Detour, and they’re publicly funded. The event is put on by Artlink, a group founded by Moore with help from taxpayers.

In July 2016, the city of Phoenix granted Moore and her art companies $3,500, and in August 2016, the 2017 Art Detour event received $1,800.

Taxpayers paid for this vile propaganda. As an aside, Nazis were national socialists, in other words, they were leftists.



  1. The Nazis were not leftists. That’s ridiculous. They called themselves “national socialists”, but there was no socialism in their ideology.

  2. The author shows extreme lack of knowledge about history and ideology. The Nazis were right wing extremists. And Trump tweeted quotes from the fascist leader of Italy, Mussolini, clearly showing affection for fascism.

    • They were left-wing though I am aware the left has successfully convinced people they were right. They had some right-wing ideas, but they were in reality left! They weren’t exactly socialists, they were worse and they were anti-capitalists who used force to get people to accept their sick ideals just like today’s Democrats.

      The Nazi government control of its population, business and commerce is leftwing socialism.

      I know that many who favor socialism want to differentiate themselves from anything Nazi, however that doesn’t mean you have the opportunity to ignore the many aspects of how the two are related. Central planning, for example, is a significant aspect of a socialist economy, just as it was under Nazi Germany. The private economy was heavily regulated, and in most other instances, the Nazi’s actually controlled production, under the guise of private ownership. Couple that with wage and price controls, forced employment through public works programs, the depletion of individual liberties in place of collective liberties, and state-sponsored media, healthcare and education, it becomes quite evident that Nazism, was indeed just another form of socialism.

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