$2 Billion in Subsidies for the Elderly Went to Hire Alien Grads Over U.S. Grads


The Optional Practical Training (OPT) program pays American employers to discriminate against U.S. workers. It’s grown considerably recently. Nearly $2 billion in funds earmarked for the elderly were used to favor a quarter million alien college grads over U.S. resident graduates.

Employers of foreign students who have a degree from a U.S. institution are given an 8.25 percent tax break if they hire an alien, rather than a U.S. college grad with the same skills, and paid at the same salary, as The Center for Immigration Studies described in some detail in a recent posting.

The total subsidies last year actually came to just under $2 billion by CIS calculations. The subsidies came from the trust fund for Social Security, Medicare, and Unemployment Insurance Programs.

The program has bipartisan support from the elite – without congressional authorization. This way no one has to own up to it.

Our government is replacing us with foreigners.

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  1. I’m not sure on the specifics here. It’ not explicitly stated so my reading would conclude it is the SS “tax” that is Not being collected. It would also include the Medicare tax, each paid by both employer and employee. The question is whether or not it is a tax loophole, or a subsidy Paid by Government.

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