Tea Party Activist Van Jones


Commie turned Tea Party Activist, Van Jones, is planning a big presence in October with his fellow Statists. He wants to rebuild the American Dream with a counterbalance to the Tea Party by establishing a Progressive Tea Party. He’s calling for an American Fall like the Arab Spring. Funny, that’s the same thing Al Gore said. It’s actually not funny at all given the death and tragedy that is part of the Arab Spring.

This is all staged to promote Obama’s re-election. It’s no coincidence that Rev. Al is marching, Al Jazeera is complaining about the U.S. 1%, Obama keeps talking up class warfare. What a mess.

In this video, Commie Light Lawrence O’Donnell interviews Commie Van Jones as he pretends his new Tea Party will be about helping the unemployed and stopping bailouts. It’s really about Communism of course. VanJones complimented the young people on Wall Street as the future saviors of our American dream. Maybe he hasn’t seen or spoken to the people on Wall Street because they’re not going to save anyone any time soon.  Click here for the transcript.