Tea Party & Terrorists – Loons Can’t Tell the Difference



The left  thinks the tea party people are terrorists. Did someone redefine the word “terrorist” and forget to tell me? If the tea party is using terrorist tactics, what are these tactics – rallying with homemade signs? Calling their congressmen? Maybe it’s the tweeting? One of my Facebook friends said, “I’m thinking about strapping the Constitution to my chest and running into the Senate.”

Here are some quotes from the looney left…

“We have negotiated with terrorists,” an angry Doyle (Mike Doyle, Democrat Representative from Pennsylvania) said, according to sources in the room (during debt deal discussions). “This small group of terrorists have made it impossible to spend any money.” Editor’s note – We can only hope.

Joe Biden told Democratic lawmakers that the deal would take away the tea party’s “weapon of mass destruction” — the threat of a default on U.S. debt obligations. Editor’s note – default was never on the table as President Obama admitted Wall Street last week.

“It has become commonplace to call the tea party faction in the House “hostage takers.”  But they have now become full-blown terrorists.” William Yeoman of Politico. Editor’s note – if you want to read a very nasty, hate-filled article, be sure to google this.

“Alas, that is the Tea Party. It is so lacking in any aspiration for American greatness, so dominated by the narrowest visions for our country and so ignorant of the fact that it was not tax cuts that made America great but our unique public-private partnerships across the generationsIf sane Republicans do not stand up to this Hezbollah faction in their midst, the Tea Party will take the G.O.P. on a suicide mission.Thomas L. Friedman, New York Times. Editor’s note – Can you believe Friedman actually compared citizens who rally with Hezbollah?

Joe Klein talking about tea party tactics, “…could not have come up with a more clever strategy for strangling our nation.” Editor’s note – again I ask, what are the tactics that are so devastating?

Former Democratic Congressman Martin Frost said about tea party tactics… they have “much in common with the Taliban.” Editor’s note – he didn’t specify exactly what those similarities were so I’m still confused about what these tactics are.

So much for the ole civil dialogue.