Tea With the Taliban & Losing the Peace in Afghanistan


We won the war in Iraq and lost the peace. That effort was so successful that we are moving on to do the same in Afghanistan so we can ensure that the Taliban thugs (Haqqani network) can come back to brutalize their people, especially women, once again.

The U.S. is taking a very tough stance, however, the Taliban has to break ties with international terrorism. In other words, they have to promise not to do those bad terrorist things again.

On January 22nd, he U.S. special envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan, Marc Grossman, confirmed that we will soon have chats with terrorists, whom the U.S. likes to now call rebels or insurgents (we love euphemisms these days). Actually one chat has already occurred.Marc Grossman, a hack from the former Clinton administration, is the envoy Pakistan won’t allow into their country  – we’ve done a marvelous job of winning them over too.

The Taliban have demanded the release of captives held in Guantanamo. Since Obama’s plan to close Quantanamo is to release all the violent terrorists, I have no doubt they will gladly oblige (Guantanamo prisoners are still having their terrorist pamphlets smuggled in by lawyers as recently as last week).

The fact that these prisoners tried to kill U.S. soldiers and U.S. soldiers lives were lost due to their direct actions shouldn’t matter to Obama.

In response to the Taliban demand, Grossman said, We haven’t made any decisions and it’s no surprise to any of you that this is an issue in the Unites States of law. We have to meet the requirements of our law. I wonder when the law became an issue for the Obama administration? I think he can just pass another Executive Order as he always does.

No decision has been made about this. Grossman continued (there you have it – it’s going to happen).

Karzai is meeting with another terrorist group and the Afghan Deputy Foreign minister is all okay with releasing Guantanamo Taliban – deport them here, he says.

Just last September, a Taliban suicide bomber killed the head of Karzai’s peace council….

But I’m sure that they will be nice now if we ask them to be and after we release all their murdering hellish friends in Guantanamo.

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