Teacher Union Leader Exposes True Intent of Democrats


When it comes to the true intent of the Democrat Party, one need look no further than Socialist Randi Weingarten, leader of the American Federation of Teachers. She threw in her opinion on guns – the Democrat’s true intent – ban them. “You want to do things like Australia did,” she said.

During an interview about arming teachers, she made it clear she wants guns banned, period.

“And, frankly, what I’m concerned about is by him raising this issue, he’s trying to divert attention from what the real solutions are. There are real solutions. If Canada can do it, if Great Britain can do it, if Australia can do it, if New York state can do it, if Connecticut can do it.”


She wants all semi-automatics banned and confiscated. That’s most guns.

“But it requires us to actually restrict gun or automatic and semi-automatic gun use from people who shouldn’t have it. So it requires vetting. It requires some of those kinds of bans. It requires focusing on munitions and banning that. It doesn’t, it doesn’t — I’m begging people. Please.”

She came up with the fake argument about a teacher’s gun wouldn’t be a match for an AR. Yes, but why is a pencil or crouching under a desk better?

“More guns in schools? When we see more guns in communities we see more people being shot. How could any teacher, any teacher have a handgun and be a match for an ar-15 that shoots 90 bullets?”

She doesn’t understand how it could work. How it would work is the teacher about to get shot or with students about to get shot would shoot the killer.

“Let me say one more thing. You’re the teacher who loves kids. You’re going to actually stand for a split second and try to shoot a kid, as kids are running all over a hallway? How is that going to work? It shows no understanding of who teachers are. And that is why Marines and gun owners have said no, this is a terrible idea. The more people understand schools, the more they understand that this is a diversionary tactic to get us away from real issues to help us solve this.”

Eight states do currently arm teachers. It’s not that odd. In any case, the schools are soft targets and that has to change.


  1. If I’m not mistaken isn’t this the first case where the shooter survived and will see a day in court.

    It has been reported that Cruz Was on some type of medication for ADHD among other diagnoses. There appears to be some correlation between these types of drugs and the side effects of violence especially in children. From what I understand these drugs actually have labels stating such effects.

    This could turn out to be very interesting depending on how the Defense approaches the case. If they plead not guilty because of the drugs adverse effects this will open up a can of worms and finally bring to the forefront its widespread use. In all the media discussions the idea of “mental health” is always cited but Never, even once, have I heard about any medications and its effects.

    The number of people using these drugs is astounding and only in these mass shootings is the correlation brought up. How many “individual’ acts of violence are occurring each and every day and could be attributed to medications. In the case with Cruz he did have violent confrontations. The question should be asked, at what point did it become preferable to administer medication. I’ve heard of a good number of cases that these medications are given and promoted because the person becomes a “better student”. Is this the answer to better education. Was Cruz just overactive, as many AD cases are based upon, or was it more extreme that prompted the prescription.

  2. Butler Co. Sheriff decided to offer gun training classes to teachers and within a day had 300 applicants. Does anyone really believe a person, even a teacher, would want some self-protection.

  3. In many ways, it’s the extreme left wing politically bigoted role of the teachers union that has created the ‘gun free zone’ issue. It used to be many schools taught kids how to use guns… Now you can’t even draw one, or speak the word in school without risking getting in trouble.

    The teachers unions have transformed our community schools into ‘safe space collectivist training zones’, along with ‘gun free zones’ where everyone must think the same way or risk being bullied into submission..

    This teacher’s union leader does make a great case for how left wing public unions have created a bully hostile workplace environment for teachers, other workers and the community at large who might disagree with the teacher union’s political solutions.

    Who made them the almighty in charge of everything anyways?

  4. That’s odd. I live in Canada and I have several semi automatic weapons. I also have a P.A.L (possession acquisition license) that allows me to exercise my Right to own firearms. More Liberal lies will not further any weak attempt to violate others rights. Sorry that you want to give away your freedoms that many before you fought and died for.That is just really sad.The reality is that a nation such as Canada does not restrict it’s citizens from owning semi automatic weapons or shotguns or long rifles and we are doing just fine thank you. In fact I can apply for a fully automatic license if I so choose. In Canada we don’t have insidious laws that squash their sovereign citizens rights and I highly doubt a nation that was founded on their citizens rights would allow nor ever shall their rights be infringed. Please take note, those who are willing to give up their freedoms and rights for a little bit of perceived safety ,deserve neither freedom or safety. Your country is under attack from within. That’s why they want you disarmed. More than ever your rights are your saviour. Cherish them.

  5. This political hack doesn’t even pretend to protect teachers and their students threatened in dangerous schools. The “union” does virtually nothing as PC pols remove disciplinary measures against “acting out students”.
    If these hacks lose the case going to the Supreme Court on Monday, their dues, membership, and influence will deservedly tank. Here’s hoping.

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