Turning Point News recently broke the story of the math teacher at River Ridge High School in Cherokee County Georgia who made kids take off their Make America Great Again t-shirts. She basically called the kids Nazis for wearing the shirts, telling them it was the same as wearing a Swastika.

The Superintendent of Schools immediately apologized but the parents were livid, posting on social media and calling the school district offices, demanding she be fired for bullying and humiliating students.

The school district started blocking parents who tweeted comments about the teacher in violation of their Twitter posting policies.

Turning Point claims the teacher’s name is Lyn Orletsky.

Lyn Oretsky

Turning Point broke the story and also broke the news that she was fired or resigned. A letter was sent to parents noting that Ms. Orletsky no longer is employed by the district. The letter stated:

“The purpose of this correspondence is to provide you with an update on your child’s math class,” the letter signed by school principal Darrel Herring reads. “Ms. Orletsky no longer is your child’s math teacher, effective immediately.”

The letter also informs that the school is searching for an “experienced educator to teach these classes for the rest of the school year.”

Reportedly, according to the letter, Herring informed teachers and faculty at River Ridge High School of “all federal and state laws restricting political activity among teachers” at public, taxpayer funded schools.

“We are committed to providing your child with the best education possible to prepare them for future success,” Herring concludes.

Turning Point reports that they confirmed Orletsky is no longer with the district with Barbara P. Jacoby, Chief Communications Officer of Cherokee County School District, in an email.


  1. She needs to be prosecuted for making these comments; She should have contacted the Administration if she thought the wearing of the shirts was an interference of learning. That is why I advocate the wearing of uniforms instead of leftist, right wing, clothes-messages by kids and short shorts by teenage girls in school, and baggy jeans hanging below the crack for teenage boys, HELL, kids are there to learn, GET IT?!

  2. additionally, …Several parents should get together and sue her for defamation and whatever else they can dream up as a deterrent to other lame brained LaLa “teachers”.

  3. What goes around, comes around–and it’s about time these teachers begin experiencing consequences. I’m just sorry that it’s not happening at more schools across the Country.

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