Team Clinton: “Ground Bernie to a Pulp”, “Crush Him as Hard as You Can”, “No Mercy”


Bernie Sanders is running around campaigning for Hillary Clinton but her team have called him names, such as “doofus” and they’ve insulted his followers and Internet people living in their parents’ basements. We found out today in a new email that they planned to destroy him though he is a member of their party. Is this politics now?

Joel somebody, perhaps Joel Benenson wrote to John Podesta:

Bernie needs to be ground to a pulp. We can’t start believing our own primary bullshit. This is no time to run the general. Crush him as hard as you can.

Podesta wrote back:

I agree with that in principle. Where would you stick the knife in?

Joel lays out his plan

Obama betrayer (Wh will affirm). Hapless legislator (Senators/members will affirm). False promiser (policy elites will affirm). Can’t win (black people will affirm).

And the subject of this email?

subject: Friendly advice. No mercy.



I can see why Bernie’s wife didn’t want Bernie to endorse Hillary Clinton.