Team Clinton /Press Set Republicans Up — Promoted Pied Piper Candidates



Team Clinton talked about elevating Donald Trump months before the election. They teamed with the press to set up Pied Piper candidates and told the press to “take them seriously”.

The strategies they used cross the line of honesty and fair play but they are at an advantage because they will do anything to win.

They set up the three non-traditional GOP candidates as ‘Pied Piper’ candidates.

The level of deception, collusion and deviousness is mind-blowing.

Team Clinton plotted to have Republican candidates respond to the Pied Piper candidates by moving to the far right, which they believed would hurt their chances dramatically in a general election, undermining any chances they might have of gaining inroads into their coalition or independents.

They planned to destroy the GOP candidates credibility and muddy the waters in case of attacks on Clinton.

Team Clinton, which also has control of the media, strategized that they mustn’t marginalize the right-wing, outlier candidates, but make them Pied Pipers instead.

Key characteristics of the candidates is what they hoped to undermine. For example, in the case of Scott Walker, they needed to undermine the idea that he could rally the working and middle class Americans. Rand Paul was to be undermined on the idea that he is a “different” kind of Republican, his stance on the military and his appeal to millennials and people of color.

Read the leaked memo on the link.

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