Team Clinton’s Pied Piper Strategy Goes Down in Flames


In the Wikileaks emails, one email in particular stands out. In it, Team Clinton described their Pied Piper strategy. The idea behind it was to pick the three unlikeliest candidates, presumably their idea of the worst of the GOP candidates, and use the media to bring one of them through the Primary. They were relying on that to get their flawed candidate through the election process.

The candidates they selected were Donald Trump, Senator Ted Cruz and Dr. Ben Carson.

For whoever thought this up, it should be a career ender.

Just goes to show social engineering often fails spectacularly. Here’s a thought, maybe they should try being honest, stick to policies, and give some credit to the populace they sought to deceive.


In many ways, Trump was the best candidate. He will be tough on policies the left hates. He was the only candidate, with the possible exception of Ted Cruz, who would call out Hillary with the same ferocity that her team leveled against him.

Not only that, but they thought he would be a good subject for their over-the-top assaults but they helped undermine them.

Trump gets the last laugh for now but even with their tactics known, they are continuing their assaulta using the former OWs and other radical groups. The network hasn’t gone anywhere and the media still won’t report it honestly. It’s going to be a rough ride.

What they chose to ignore or not realize is just how weak their candidate was and how dark their campaign strategies are.

The corruption in the DNC and the media is public knowledge thanks to hacktivists. It will be much more difficult to fool people next time. They didn’t even get away with it this go-around.