Ted Cruz’ Amazing History Lesson


Ted Cruz

Wendy Davis, gubernatorial hopeful and Texas state senator, filibustered on the Texas state senate floor in defense of late-term abortions. She became a media darling and Barack Obama tweeted about her ‘amazing’ filibuster. Sarah Palin, on the other hand, called her the Barbie Doll Baby Killer and I do think it’s an apt name.

Ted Cruz stood on the senate floor in defense of liberty and the Constitution in an exact same filibuster and he was been promptly demonized by the media and by both left and right of the political spectrum.

There is something wrong with a society that allows such a distortion of our nation’s principles.

Some of the most memorable moments during Cruz’ filibuster came during his description of the trials and tribulations the signers of the Declaration of Independence endured at the hands of their oppressors. Out of Cruz’ telling of events came a real understanding of the sacrifices that the signers made for us – the future generations.

Are we willing to do the same or will we forfeit our freedoms for the false security provided by big government?

The description came via a letter he read, titled, The Americans Who Risked Everything. You don’t have to be a right-wing nut to like this and be moved by it. In fact, you can be left-wing nut and appreciate this. It’s simply a great US history lesson.