Ted Cruz: ‘If We Don’t Act, We’ll See Another Horrific Act of Terror’


Ted Cruz spoke to Greta Van Susteran’s show on September 8th. His comments sound prophetic today which should be alarming since he ended by saying “If we don’t act now, we will see another horrific act of terror on the homeland.”

The president who so brazenly blamed the intelligence community for his lack of a strategy and failure to act is waging a war that he won’t call a war against an enemy he will not name.

Mr. Obama is an extremist. We have terrorists who wants to kill us and he won’t even call radical Islam by its name. The government warns us that they are most concerned about lone wolf terrorists but when one obvious one shows up like Alton Nolen, the FBI says they don’t see any sign of terrorism.

He promised to help the Kurds in Iraq and they have received only ONE plane load of supplies directly from the U.S. That’s shameful. He sends help to the helpless Iraqi government, but not to the Kurds.

We are being told by the Pentagon that Baghdad won’t fall but ISIS is moving in and are they are currently one to five miles away from the capital. People in Baghdad aren’t as confidant that the Iraqi army and the U.S. bombing raids will do much of anything for long. Others say we can contain ISIS.

Almost everyone agrees that we need to put some boots on the ground. There are no boots on the ground presently except for the 1500 “advisers”. The Iraqi army is inadequate to the task – they are poorly led and they are afraid. Many soldiers joined for the money and don’t have a commitment to saving their country from ISIS.


The State Department video they discussed can be found on youtube. It’s titled, “Welcome to the Islamic State Land”. It’s too violent for me to post. It has zero value.