Teen Hero Saves Five-Year Old Kidnap Victim


Fifteen-year old Temar Boggs of Pennsylvania and his friend were riding their bikes when they spotted a kidnapped five-year old, Jocelyn Rojas, in a car with an older man between 50 and 70 years old. Boggs and his friend chased the car for 15 minutes until he let the little girl out and sped off.

Temar Boggs

Photo of Temar Boggs, hero at 15

Five-year old Jocelyn had been missing for two hours when the teens spotted her.

Jocelyn Rojas

Photo of Jocelyn Rojas

After the girl was snatched from her grandparent’s front yard, police cordoned off the area and showed her photo to people in the neighborhood, including Boggs and his friend.

Boggs said that the kidnapper saw him following and let the child out. She ran to Boggs and said she needed her mom.


Photo of a grateful family

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