Tehran Agrees with Obama That the U.S. Congress Is Irrelevant


Barack Obama has turned over the powers of Congress to the U.N. They will make the final decision on the nuclear deal, despite the Corker Amendment. In addition, Iran is making it clear they see Congress as irrelevant.

Sen. Corker deserves credit for trying but the Corker bill giving Congress the right to review the nuclear deal has been watered down. Instead of demanding it be submitted as a treaty requiring 67 votes for passage, Congress is allowing it to be submitted as an agreement so Democrats can easily block it, giving Barack Obama the final power.

The bill shouldn’t have been necessary. The nuclear deal is obviously a treaty and it needs to be approved with a 67 vote of the Senate.

The Tehran Daily reported that ‘President Hassan Rouhani says Iran’s negotiating side in the nuclear talks is the 5+1 group of world powers and not the U.S. Senate or the House of Representatives.’

The opposition and the Senate hardliners are of no concern to Iran, he said.

Both Iran and Obama agree Congress is irrelevant.

Barack Obama, once confronted with the veto-proof Corker bill, reluctantly said he wants Congress to have a role in approving the nuclear deal. This is after making it very clear – repeatedly – that they would have no role. Pretty soon we will hear that it was his idea.

Senator Corker has been pushing for a bill that would salvage some semblance of a role for Congress in the agreement.

Obama has been somewhere between mind-blowingly angry and mildly furious throughout at their audacity in wanting a say in what should rightfully be called a treaty and over which they should have equal say with the president.

To get it passed, Corker had to water it down. It will authorize Congress to vote on the Iran package as an agreement, not a treaty, within 30 days.

No matter what Congress does, Barack Obama will do whatever he wants as he has done for six years. Democrats can control the bill and no matter what the majority says, Obama can attest to Congress having had its say, even if it’s scrubbed.

Rouhani made it clear in his speech today that there is ‘No deal if sanctions [sic] not lifted’

Obama can still unilaterally cancel or ease sanctions regardless of the Corker bill. This bill doesn’t affect that. All Congress has is a review period. He has every intention of ending the sanctions. The Ayatollah has made it clear there is no deal without that. It’s hard to know what we are gaining from the deal.

Mr. Obama has completely ignored Iran’s outrageous behavior during the negotiations and he has no intention or paying any attention to it after the negotiations.

Tehran is still sponsoring terrorism around the world, they have Americans imprisoned on trumped-up charges, and they are helping Syria build a nuclear facility. None of that is being discussed or included in this deal nor is their missile development.

Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarid, speaking in Lisbon Wednesday said, “It is the obligation of the government of the United States to implement its international agreements. And we will hold the US government, the U.S. president accountable,” Zarif said.

They’re insisting the president not allow Congress to interfere with his unilateral decision. They should have read the letter from the 47 senators posted on Sen. Tom Cotton’s website.

Josh Earnest said Barack Obama wasn’t particularly pleased with the proposal by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee – the Corker bill – but he’ll sign it.

Iran is going to end up with a path to the bomb and it will have our blessing. They will have a financial boon once sanctions are lifted, and there is an arms race beginning as a result of this agreement/treaty.

Not only is Obama destroying Congress, he’s turning their power over to the U.N.

The U.N. is ruling the United States foreign policy because in the end, they are the only ones with a yea or nay vote, not Congress.

The Iranians too have made it clear that they have no regard for our Congress and expect a unilateral decision from the president.

Senator Melendez appeared on Fox News Sunday and told host Chris Wallace that there was a fundamental flaw in President Obama’s recent dealings with Iran and Cuba.

“I think the president has a misguided calculation that if you open your hands to dictators they will unclench their fists,” Menendez said.

Senator Corker said, “The administration needs to explain to the Congress and the American people why an interim agreement should result in reduced pressure on the world’s leading state sponsor of terror.”

He told Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday that ”it’s very important that Congress is in the middle of this, understanding, teasing out, asking those important questions.”

Obama is now saying that the Corker bill only gives Congress the right to vote on sanctions. On Wednesday, White House deputy press secretary Eric Schultz s aid, “what passed [in the committee] is a vote to vote later on the sanctions imposed by Congress, but not on the decision to enter into the agreement.”

Josh Earnest said the same thing on Tuesday.

The wording of the bill says the opposite.

In the end, Barack Obama will come out the winner in a near-complete rout of the United States Congress, some members of whom gladly cede their power to him.