Tehran Bribes U.S. Oil Companies to Turn Against Republicans


President Obama is negotiating with Iran for a nuclear deal that will set Iran on a straight path to obtaining nuclear weapons and both Iran and the president are working to damage the 47 Republican senators who opposed the nuclear deal.

On Wednesday, Tehran Times reported that the head of Iranian Ministry of Petroleum’s Oil Contracts Revision Committee promised rewards to U.S. oil companies who “take a position against Republican senators who recently wrote a letter warning Iran against a nuclear deal with the U.S. will be rewarded”.

Ministry head Mehdi Hosseini said, “Now that [Iran’s nuclear] talks have reached a sensitive point, if the U.S. oil companies take position and action against the letter [signed] by 47 senators, we will reward them.”

“We know that the U.S. oil companies are not happy with the letter of 47 senators against the nuclear talks,” Hosseini said.

“The U.S. oil companies face more serious restrictions on presence in Iran, but they can take position. The pulses received from them show that they are willing to operate projects in Iran,” he added.

Oil companies have largely been supporters of Republicans and if they switched loyalties it would be most beneficial to Barack Obama as he pursues a defeat of a Congress led by Republicans.

Hosseini said their oil business boomed when the 2005 international sanctions were lifted and U.S. oil companies were “not happy at all” to be left out.

The letter Hosseini referred to was signed by 47 Republicans and was posted on Sen. Tom Cotton’s website. It was addressed to Iran’s leaders. All it did was clarify the fact that in our Constitution – unless Congress is involved in the deal – could be scrapped by the next president.

President Obama has ridiculed Republicans, claiming he was “embarrassed” by the letter and some Democrats and media have chimed in insisting Republicans are “traitors” who were trying to sink the deal – the incredibly bad deal I might add.

It’s quite ironic that the Mullahs of Iran, a terrorist nation, are helping Obama in his final and utter defeat of our Congress.

Congress is the only branch of government that represents the people. It is a co-equal branch of government and it is our voice in the negotiations which is being eradicated.

By ignoring Congress and going to the U.N., he not only collapses Congressional power, he puts the sanctions into a death spiral clearing the way for Iran to obtain WMDs. Once the U.N. agrees to the deal, the world will have agreed to end the sanctions and there will be absolutely nothing Congress can do to stop their development of nuclear weaponry.