Ten Things Obama Did That Communist Party USA Loves


The Communist Party USA and the Revolutionary Communist Party have called for a revolution, one that will make us into The Socialist States of America.

On one website – rev.com us – the Revolutionary Communist Party laid out a “Strategy for Revolution” and included the following statements: “Revolution requires consistent work building for revolution, based on a serious, scientific understanding of what it takes to actually get to the point of revolution, and how to have a real chance of winning” and “In order for revolution to be real there must be: a revolutionary crisis, and a revolutionary people, numbering in the millions and led by a far-seeing, highly organized and disciplined revolutionary party”.

These are some of the people involved with the Occupy Wall Street movement, the Justice For All movement, the anti-police riots and so on, that are supported by the Obama administration and many members of Congress.

What is going on now with the Justice For All movements is very dangerous. The Communists and Socialists want the movement to lead to a revolution and the president wants a national movement and he wants to fundamentally transform the United States. We don’t know where their like goals will meet.

We only list ten things in this post that the administration and the party are fighting for. We could have listed a hundred easily.

1. Obama’s amnesty:


no more deportations

2. Obama’s restoration of relations with Cuba:

communists love the Cuba decision


Cuba commies

3. The I Can’t Breathe, Justice For All Movement:

I can't breathe movement

Ferguson is considered by Communists as the epicenter of the new race movement. They want to restructure the criminal justice system and corrupt the vote.

Make no mistake the new faux civil rights movement is promoted by Barack Obama as part of his fundamental transformation of the United States.

The Communists and Socialists want to repeat the successes of the 1960s and 1970s. It was then that many minorities were won over by Communists.

4. Minimum wage:

min wage


5. Green is the new Communism:

Green, the new communism

The recent massive green march in New York City was supported by the administration and was led mostly by Communists and Socialists:

green communism

6. They prefer Gaza to Israel:

Gaza love

commies love Palestine

7. Pandering to women in the faux war on women:

women pandering

8. No sanctions on Iran:

Iran no sanctions


9. ENDA and using the LGBT movement to further control by the State:


10. NO cuts to anything, fight the fiscal conservatives:

no cuts