Term “Climate Change” Banned at the EPA Along with Paris Agreement


file photo of Rick Perry

While Al Gore hopes to stir climate hysteria and grow his bank account with a new film, Donald Trump is eviscerating the extreme climate agenda beginning with the Clean Power Plan. In line with that, an Energy Department climate office supervisor reportedly told staffers not to use the phrases “climate change,” “emissions reduction” or “Paris agreement” in written memos, Politico reported.

Some say it’s a ban while others see it as a more politically correct way to deal with the new Secretary of the Interior Rick Perry.

Some sources said there was no official ban, but the wording of some controversial topics had changed to avoid reactions. They likely hope to manipulate the anti-extreme climate change officials.

Liz Perera of the extreme environmental group Sierra Club said, “What exactly is this office to call itself now? The International C****** Office?”

We can think of a lot of names that would actually make sense. The climate is always changing and the term climate change only came about because global warming was no longer working once people found out we’ve had about two decades of almost no warming. Add to that the fact that the hockey stick theory was debunked and you have an exaggerated science at best.

How about we go back to calling it what it is – environmental science, atmospheric science and so on.

On Tuesday, Trump rolled back the Obama-era Clean Power Plan, which set limits on carbon emissions. Climate activists heralded the idea of limiting a natural gas, but some stated it hindered American energy independence.

Trump also asked government agencies to identify rules that hindered domestic energy production and removed Obama’s moratorium on coal and which could be eliminated. His aides called the move a job creator.

Michael Moore on the other hand predicted the “extinction of all human life” because no hyperbole is too big to support the leftist cause.

Here’s some hysteria for you from Al Bore’s trailer for his new movie. By the way, his predictions have not come true.

You might enjoy this clip of failed predictions.