Terrible Manufacturing News in America


We are becoming a nation of takers, not makers as The Wall Street Journal’s Stephen Moore explained. This is why we are losing our freedoms.

We now have 9.93 million more government jobs than manufacturing jobs, CNS News reported. That’s clearly unsustainable. This is really terrible news. We have two times the number of  workers who produce nothing and, who make their living taking from workers who do and give it to others but make less than them.

The bigger the government gets, the more the economy shrinks as government workers produce nothing and take from the private sector.


As much as we want free trade, we do need good trade deals that keep some of our jobs here in the States.

In one month alone, in October, the US lost 9,000 manufacturing jobs while the government – the enormously big government – gained 19,000. September was even worse. Something has to turn this around.

The figures come from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Going back to 1939, manufacturing employees outnumbered government employees for fifty years. Then in 1989, government employees slipped slightly ahead but since then, government has pulled dramatically ahead of manufacturing.

California has an astounding 2.4 million government workers, twice the number working in manufacturing. In New Jersey, the ratio is nearly two-and-a-half times, while Florida is 3 to 1 as is New York’s. We’re becoming Greece.

Michigan was once the auto capital, Pennsylvania was the steel capital but now these states have more government pencil pushers than people who make things. Wyoming and New Mexico have six times the number of manufacturing workers. West Virginia, the mining capital has three times the number of government workers than miners. The farming states of Iowa and Nebraska have five times the number of government workers over workers who make something.

America has been founded on creating and manufacturing but we are quickly becoming a nation of government workers and service workers.

Unions and Big Government are taking over the country and the middle class American worker, small business are being dwarfed.

Government jobs offer lifetime employment no matter the competence of the worker and they have the taxpayer purse to pilfer. We borrow forty cents on every dollar and that number will gradually start to rise. These government jobs cannot be sustained.

When government sectors don’t do well, such as education or mass transit, we don’t judge the failure by output but by input and pour more money into it. Unions smother any reasonable steps to restrain the public sector.

We desperately need to decrease the size of government and increase the private sector. We’re becoming Socialists and at some point, there is no turning back. That’s why this election is so critical.