Terror Threat Might Be Swept Under Some Carpet

Window They Crawled Through and Van They Traveled In

We have another terrorist threat that our government will play down. There are probably a lot more groups like this one. They are likely going for soft targets.

Five young Moroccan Muslim men crawled through a courthouse window in San Antonio before 2 AM this morning. Two other men in their group were in a van parked in front of the building.

In the van, were photos you wouldn’t normally find in a tourists’ van, photos of the infrastructure of shopping malls, water systems, courthouses and other public buildings throughout the nation.

These men had traveled all over, touring the country. They came here legally.

The men claimed they crawled to the fourth floor of the courthouse to “get a better view of the city.” (Editor Note: Oh, right, I’m sure that’s true.)

A military intelligence convention was underway several blocks from this courthouse though there is no indication that a connection exists. Read here: Radio WOAL

Andrew Napolitano has a different view of 17 of the 20 alleged terror plots foiled over the past ten years. Judge Napalitano is a Libertarian and has a different viewpoint than many, but he makes points many more of us can agree with. He believes that 17 of the 20 (perhaps now 21) plots were entrapment. This is, in his viewpoint, punishing thoughts, and it is not keeping us safe. The last plot, prior to this one over the weekend, was an alleged plot that was said to go all the way to the top levels of the Iranian government. We now know it did not. It happened that the plot was revealed the day Eric Holder was to be served with a subpoena. Napolitano mentions three legitimate attacks prior to the one discussed above.These plots, he says, are the ones that have been foiled by the common man.

Is our government entrapping people, if so, is that punishing peoples’ thoughts, and is this keeping us safe?