Terrorist Massacres Are “Workplace Violence” According to the Government

Ft. Hood Massacre, It's Merely Workplace Violence

A Born Again Christian ran into the Ft. Hood army base armed with several assault rifles and murdered thirteen people, wounding dozens more, while yelling “Praise God.” He claimed he was inspired by the Alabama Tea Party and a Christian peace group. He said he emailed 20 times with the President of a pro-peace group which advocates the destruction of the United States.

Of course it didn’t happen exactly that way. The players were different but the massacre did take place. The government and the media would have handled the above situation quite differently had it been the case.

The case I am alluding to of course is that of the U.S.-Muslim soldier, who murdered 13 people at Fort Hood, wounding dozens others, while yelling, “Allah Akbar.”

The Department of Defense classified the Fort Hood Massacre as workplace violence, despite the fact that it was a terrorist act on U.S. soil. The murderer, U.S. Major Nidal Hassan exchanged at least 20 emails with deceased terrorist, Anwar al-Awlaki.

Sen. Susan Collins blasted the Department of Defense for this classification as she referenced a letter from them which depicted the massacre as workplace violence. She said that political correctness is being placed above the security of the nation’s Armed Forces at home. Fox News