Rushed cockpit, yelled “Allah Akbar” – motive unclear???

Photos of the man are under wraps as well

Update: Rageh had $47 on him and no luggage. No clear indication of where he was going or why. His relatives in Vallejo didn’t know why he was going to San Francisco. But, all are trying to figure out how he can make bail. The judge thinks he’s a threat to the community – it’s good someone gets it. SF Gate
His motive is unclear? What is unclear about storming a cockpit door while yelling “Allah Akbar?” Why can we no longer call a “terrorist” a “terrorist?”

There were four incidents involving questionable passengers on airlines after the recent death of Osama bin-Laden. At least two of them were very serious. We have been reassured that they were not terrorist attacks.
This is PC gone wild.

Ten minutes before American Airlines Flight 1561 was scheduled to land in San Francisco Sunday night, passenger Rageh Al- Murisi walked to the front of the plane and began shouting and banging on the cockpit door.

“He was walking very fast, semi-running, then passengers came up five to 10 seconds after him,” Ryan Sciortino, a passenger on the flight, told the Chicago Tribune.

A male flight attendant tackled Mr. Al-Murisi, who was then bound with plastic handcuffs with the help of crew members and two passengers, a retired Secret Service agent, and a retired police officer. Airline officials stressed that the cockpit door was locked.

Al-Murisi carried a Yemeni passport and lives in Vallejo, Calif. Al-Murisi was taken into police custody and charged with interfering with a flight crew, federal crimes. He has since been released with a minor charge against him.

Associated Press reported that Al-Murisi’s motive was unclear, and that he had no known ties to terrorist groups. I believe the AP is a mouthpiece for President Obama. Maybe they should change their name to APR, Associated Public Relations.

Listen to this video and tell me if we can trust our media.

There is a Professor Rageh Almurisi on a video on youtube. I don’t know if this is the same person but the family of our Al-Murisi said he is not a terrorist, he is a teacher.

This is the video of a Professor Al-Muraysa, a rather self-absorbed Professor – can anyone translate this video? It might not be the same person of course, but I am curious.

and here is another –



In another incident, Reynel C. Alcaide, of Burbank, Illinois, repeatedly tried to open an emergency door of a Continental flight from Houston to Chicago. He had to be physically restrained by a flight attendant and two passengers until they landed. He has been charged with two counts of interfering with a flight crew There is a media blackout on this man. Without any information, we can only speculate about his reasons, but something is being hidden. It could be, for example, that he is here illegally and it has nothing to do with Al Qaeda activity. However, trying to crash an airline is an act of terrorism.

Reynel C. Alcaide