Terrorists, Smugglers Have Easy Access to Asylum in Arizona


Hundreds, perhaps thousands of East Indians, have asked for asylum in the the last year. They spend as much as $35,000 each to be smuggled across the globe for their final destination – Arizona. Some go on to California.

DHS immediately deems them as low-risk in most cases and releases them until their hearing.

Ten percent of the Indians never show for their hearings.

Asylum is the latest easy way to get past our laws, not that we enforce them anyway. All anyone has to say is they seek asylum because of religious or political persecution and they have a clear path to legal residency.

For every Indian coming through on an asylum request, there is an Hispanic from Mexico, Central America or South America.

They arrive from Mexico by the busloads every night. It’s a mystery as to how many forces are behind this obviously trumped-up reason. Many might be fleeing poverty though they scraped up $35,000 for the trip or did they? Are some being used by smugglers? It needs to be investigated but it doesn’t appear that immigration is doing much about it.

Coincidentally, it is coming at the same time Congress is considering immigration reform and legalizing tens of millions of people.

The State Department said that one of the most active of the terrorist groups in 2011 was the up-and-coming Communist Party of India-Maoist (CPI-Maoist). India has been a terrorist hotspot with 518 dying in Nepal in 2007. Most of those who died were the Maoist rebels themselves. There are 56 groups in India that engage in terrorism, one of them is the Students Islamic Movement of India which was involved in the attack on Mumbai in 2006.

This mass asylum immigration would make a nice pipeline for terrorists.

USA Today has the full story.