Thad Cochran Runs As a Democrat Winning Accolades From The Press


Thad Cochran, the 76-year old cling-to-power-at-all-costs Senator from Mississippi, turned out the Democratic black voters using lies and a promise of more pork and big government, while waving the race card to win his primary. He ran like a Democrat and put the fear of God in Mississippi blacks.


Thad Cochran, loooong-standing Mississippi incumbent.

Thirty-five to forty thousand blacks and other Democrats voted for Cochran in the open primary. If that had not happened, Chris McDaniels, his conservative opponent and a two-times state senator, would have won with 60% of the Republican vote.

Democrats decided this election.

As a Republican, Cochrane is supposed to have values but he used the race card and he lied. If Republicans stay home in November because of his conduct, it could give the race to a Democrat and keep Harry Reid as Senate Majority Leader, which would be a disaster. No Republican wants Harry back but this race was so bad that it will be difficult for people to vote for Cochran.

Five Thirty-Eight has a thorough initial breakdown of the voting in black communities.  If Cochran had played fair and not used the race card, the results would have been very different. Instead of Cochran winning the runoff by 2 points, or about 6,000 votes, he would have lost by a little less than 8 points, or about 25,000 votes. He would have dropped about 40,000 votes from his 190,000 vote total, while McDaniel would have lost only about 15,000 from his 185,000 vote total.

The Washington Post and other leftist media outlets helped Cochran out. They called McDaniels a neo-confederate because he gave a speech before a group of secessionists and he once blamed hip-hop for gun violence (Hello!?!).

Some in the media praised Republicans for finding the formula to win over black voters – run like a Democrat. Of course, the same Democrats who voted for Cochran in the primary won’t vote for him in the general election but are Republicans the Party of Stupid as Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal once said? Do they think this is a winning platform?

Politico ran a glowing piece about Cochran’s campaign in the final days. They lauded the calls and stomping by workers – even people like McConnell made calls. Who knew he’d stoop to making his own calls – how very decent of him. Politico raved about the Bret Favre commercial. They ignored the deceptive tactics.

Politico quoted Republican Senatorial Committee political director Ward Baker telling Republicans in D.C.: “We don’t leave our people on the field.”

Obviously they do. McDaniels was one of their people. However, since McDaniels was popular with the tea party, the Republicans saw him as the enemy. McDaniel’s former friends turned on him.


Chris McDaniels, conservative challenger to the establishment.

All Politico said about the corrupt campaign practices was that “Republican National Committeeman Henry Barbour –spent untold sums identifying and turning out longer-shot voters, including non-Republicans and African-Americans who were unlikely to have participated in the first vote.”

Perhaps Politico admires the tactic of luring in Democrats with lies. How clever one can be if one is willing to stoop to any level.

I’m not in the tea party and I do not like it when the tea party gets candidates in during primaries who don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning in a general. However, this approach by Cochran is unethical and runs counter to Republican principles.

There are no conditions under which a Republican can rightfully run on the race card based on blatant lies against another Republican.

Cochran’s top lieutenants — led by former governor Haley Barbour and Stuart Stevens, Mitt Romney’s chief strategist, came up with this last-minute maneuver which puts Machiavelli to shame.

Cochran ran on big government principles and that made a hit with Democrats.

The Washington Post wrote that “Cochran’s campaign was thus a model not for other Republican candidates but for Democrats who are too wary of saying outright that government does a lot of good. This pro-government message drew African Americans but also various establishment figures in the state well aware of the benefits of Washington’s largess. Burns Strider, a Democratic strategist with deep roots in Mississippi, was impressed by Cochran’s mobilization of these leaders, notably friends of the state’s institutions of higher education.”

Yes, it’s a winner – run on Democratic principles, be a Democrat, and you will mobilize Democrats in a primary.

What a success story!

The Washington Post had more words of encouragement for Cochran and Republicans: “And that a long-serving, quite conservative Republican senator could survive only by expanding the GOP electorate beyond the faithful is a reminder of just how conservative the party’s primary electorate has become. Broadening the party by admitting the inadequacy of anti-government shibboleths cannot be a one-state, one-time, one-incumbent proposition.”

They love driving a wedge between conservatives and establishment Republicans.

The moderate Republicans will have a very hard lesson to learn if they continue down this path. The tea party is not an organized group with one leader. Sure there are groups all over and they wield some power but they are not the voice that moderates need to listen to. The tea party is every conservative in the Republican party and it’s a much larger group that the tea party. Like moderates, we want to defeat the Democratic/Socialist party but there is a limit for all of us.

The establishment could easily lose 20% to 30% of their base and it could happen soon if they don’t stop viewing conservatives as the enemy.

Moderate and liberal Republicans are becoming more of an enemy to the conservatives than Democrats.

The establishment is playing right into the hands of Democrats now and they don’t stand on principles if the Cochran-McDaniels race is any measure.

McDaniels was the Republican’s choice, not Cochran. They did not listen to the people any more than Obama does.

Sarah Palin was asked for a reaction by Politico.

“It’s very rare in a Republican primary that the candidate who promises to bring home the bacon, promising bigger government, which is requiring higher taxes and more burdensome government actually pulls it off in the primary? That’s a rare thing,” Palin said. “So it’s — it will be surprising, and yet perhaps not, to find out what that cross-over of Democrat voters, how that does impact the general.”

Palin said the GOP needs candidates “who are courageous enough to buck the status quo”.

Check out the flier which was taken from National Review online – it helped get Cochran re-elected:


Cochran’s people told blacks that McDaniel would keep them from voting!!!

Cochran used the race card in robo calls and sent out “scare flyers” replete with lies to scare blacks and other Democrats into showing up at the polls to vote in the Republican primary.

Sean Hannity interviewed Chris McDaniels last night. You can hear part of the robo call and see one of the flyers in the video. McDaniels did not concede do to irregularities he found existed with one county alone showing 1,000 irregular votes.



In a speech at Forrest General Hospital in Pine Belt, the codger, Thad Cochran, who should really have retired, made the following bizarro statement about harassing animals as a kid:

“[We’d] get back [to the Pine Belt-Hattiesburg area of Mississippi] as often as we could because it was fun—it was an adventure to be out there in the country and see what goes on,” Cochran said of his childhood and how parts of his family lived in the central part of the state. “Picking up pecans, from that to all kind of indecent things with animals.”

“I know some of you know what that is,” he continued. “The whole point of the story is not just coming here to visit cousins and get to know aunts and uncles better, you absorb the culture and you know what’s important to people here. I feel very comfortable here and have an identity with this area of the state that’s different than any other.”

You can hear it yourself at the Clarion-Ledger.

There was a recent poll on Fox News about term limits and 96% of the people polled want them. Unfortunately, it’s people like Cochran who get to vote on that.

Open primaries like the one in Mississippi are a joke. No Democrat should be choosing a Republican nominee and no Republican should be choosing a Democrat nominee. Mississippi law has an absurd statute based on the honor system to ward off irregularities.

MS Code § 23-15-575 (2013) states:

No person shall be eligible to participate in any primary election unless he intends to support the nominations made in the primary in which he participates.

Undoubtedly, 35,000 to 40,000 committed voter fraud. Tell me how they are going to enforce that one. If that is how McDaniels plans to contest the election, he really won’t win.

Thad Cochran’s robo call: