Thank God New York City Subways Don’t Stop for Rats


The New York City MTA favors stray kittens over human beings which should come as no surprise – they are mostly socialists you know. This is a typical socialist priority.

Two unclaimed kittens were running around the tracks so back in August the MTA, rather than be called kitten killers, shut down some train service for more than 12 hours.

Bus service was put in place for stranded passengers.

Some of those passengers might have been handicapped, rushing to an interview, going to an important doctor’s appointment, going to visit a dying relative, or any host of important appointments.

Who knows what all this cost. Plenty, I’m sure.

People do not matter to the socialists as much as any wild animal.

Last week, the MTA stopped the train for a cat. They intend to keep doing this.

All I can say is thank God the people for the ethical treatment of rats hasn’t gotten them to stop the trains for rats!

The libs say kittens are beautiful special animals but, think about it, rats dress up nice too. Check out the photo.

dressed up rat







Source: NY Mag