Thank You for Open Borders Obama: 9/11 Mastermind Discloses Plans


Terrorists will use our lax immigration laws (open borders) to destroy us within and without. They plan to invoke sharia law says the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks. How many times do we have to be told of their intentions before Americans will rise up and demand border control and proper screenings of refugees? It’s not bigotry to use one’s common sense.

Barack Obama took in almost 20,000 alleged Syrians who went through, in some cases, two-week screenings and many had no documentation.

The people here illegally are pouring in at the rate of 1500 a day and none are being screened.

Wake up! Barack Obama is a fool at best and at worst, he’s a traitor.

Fox reporte:
“Let’s get right to it. Terror groups warn of new attacks on U.S. Soil, the mastermind behind 9/11 reveals Al Qaeda’s real strategy to destroy our country. He says Al Qaeda wanted to use America’s lax immigration laws to infiltrate our legal and welfare systems. Al Qaeda wanted muslims to wrap themselves in America’s laws to protection and rise up and violently to impose sharia from within.”


  1. We actually do not need to take Khalid Sheikh Mohammad’s word for it – Islam has been employing the same strategies in their efforts to achieve utter and complete world dominance over the past couple of thousand years.

    Please see my Nov. 8 article:
    See the 4 Stages of Islamic Conquest. Every item Stage I has already been accomplished here.

    Stage II is NEARLY all completed.

    You will also see Obama is on track to import at least 650,000 Muslims into America, nearly all unvetted and SEEDED throughout all 50 states. Simultaneously, BHO and Democrats have been working overtime trying to DISARM America, A LETHAL combination. When large numbers of Islamists decide, “it’s time,” most American towns and neighborhoods will be completely on their own, there’s simply not enough cops to cover such an event.

    And btw, do not overlook the Islamic training camps, Boot Camp for Radicals if you will, scattered around America- 22 of them that we know of, one close to home in the hamlet of Islamberg, Town of Hancock, New York. Located 145 northwest of New York City. Training in these camps focuses on guerilla warfare.

    Should President Elect Trump fail to address this ticking time bomb post haste, Obama will leave in his wake a domestic blood bath to add to his legacy.

    One thing guess you can say I’ve been harping about over the past many years. America is particularly vulnerable to an easy Islamic take over via 1st Amendment Freedom of Religion. Lest we change the false narrative, that Islam is a religion rather than the far more fitting description as a, CULT, they will literally beat us up with our own Constitution.

    By definition, a religion moves into the cult column when it poses a direct and dangerous threat to people. Think Islam fits that bill? like none other.
    We must change the narrative lest they literally beat us up with our own Constitution, with our “freedom of religion.”

    • “If Barack Hussein Obama were covertly working for the, “other side,” what would he do differently”

      The question I’ve been asking over the last 8 years.

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