Thanks to Regulations, America’s Future Car Is a Commie Car


new car
Any money you save on this brief cut in gasoline prices will be soon overtaken by new taxes on gas and burdensome regulations on new cars.

This will cost depressed sales and job loss for automakers. Automakers are already suffering from a drop in wages.

Scholars estimated that the new standards would add at least $3,800 to the cost of a car in 2016 and at least $7,200 in 2025. This cost includes the gasoline savings. Empirical Heritage Foundation research supports those estimates.

Getting cars to meet the tighter efficiency standards means deploying expensive technology instead of using cost-effective engineering, CNS News.

The costs of cars have reduced their appearance to commie-like clones of one another. Remember when cars looked like cars? New car development is climbing to $1 billion and they can’t spend more on design.


Regulations force automakers to nearly double the average gas mileage of all new cars and trucks they sell in America by 2025.  Automakers have committed to an average of 35.5 mpg (15.09 kpl) by model year 2016 under a deal reached with the Obama administration.

Catalytic converters and other devices designed to reduce a car’s emissions cost money to develop, test and mass-produce. While this expense is typically passed on to the consumer, environmental regulations still significantly affect the automotive sector’s day-to-day operations.

Government regulations are not restricted to the United States. Most automotive companies make vehicles that ship around the globe. It is in their best interests to have standardized vehicles that do not require modification before being sent to a foreign market. As a result, many cars are designed to meet not only U.S. regulations, but the regulations of other countries as well.

That costs a lot and it’s spread out over all their vehicles.

The government likes to subsidize – use taxpayer dollars – garbage cars like the Chevy Volt because they have batteries. It doesn’t matter that they are junk.

Let’s not forget all those other regulations which will allow the government to track your movements, like the black box, or those demanded for safety by a handful of loudmouths.

Donald Trump wants to stop the movement of car manufacturers out of the country not by cutting regulations but by putting tariffs on foreign companies and penalizing car companies that leave the US. That will cost us. However, he will also make GOOD trade deals!


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