NYS Tax Cap Now
Concerned Citizens in Albany

Raise the taxes, raise the taxes! Tax the rich, tax the rich! The shouts coming from SEIU members and others pouring  down from the balcony as well as from the stairwell. Representatives of which  held  machine printed generic signs which spelled out sayings such as “tax cap hurts kids”, “we support a circuit breaker”.Many of the sign holders also supported  a status quo that has resulted in 34 percent  property tax increases in the last 5 to 10 years as an average. What kind of solution or remedy is the status quo?  To a cancerous situation that can best be described as blatantly out of control, none. This was a day in which a group of patriot tax fighters headed to the state capitol in Albany trying to put an end to the runaway freight train of property taxes that are starting to have a detrimental effect on the lives and lifestyles of many homeowners within the state.

The group headed by a coalition of tax fighters which included LIFER (Long Islanders For Educational Reform) CSA (conservative society for action) ,North Country Patriots,Nassau-Queens County 9-12 Project as well as people with the title of “Americans for The Principles of Liberty”, all arrived in Albany for a sit down with their representatives to explain the philosophy of a tax cap and it’s importance to the people of NY.

Some keynote speakers at the assembly were Assy Mike Fitzpatrick, Assy Dean Murray,Senator John Flanigan and LIFER member Anita MacDougall several republicans also standing in support were Lee Zeldin and Dan Lasquadro. Assy. Dean Murray said it well,  defining the importance of the cap as a step in helping to control cost burdens.Some protesters against it called for a circuit breaker to be implemented with the cap, this Mr. Murray greeted with “That joke’s been told before”. What’s the sense of a cap if it is initiated with an end around. As Mr. Murray stated, “Over 70% of New Yorkers are in favor of a Tax Cap. With New Yorkers paying amongst the highest taxes in the nation and Suffolk County ranking 8th overall, it is clear that relief is needed, and this is a start.”

Immediately after this session the members of  LIFER,CSA,NCP and NQ9-12 which include Fred Gorman, Anita MacDougall, Andrea Vecchio, Laura Pandelakis, Rosalie Hanson, Steve Morris, Jan Williams, Tim Morgan and many others then proceeded to visit the members of both the senate and assembly to better explain the importance of this Cap. Visits also included on the list were that of Governor Andrew Cuomo, Speaker of the House Shelly Silver and Senate leader Dean Skelos. Many points were made and discussions were had. Among those it was good to see the involvement of young  people such as Tim Morgan, for it is the future generations in which many said this fight was all about.

This is a cap being initiated to put a hold on the escalation of property taxes. Why is this tax cap so important you might ask? One reason is the balanced budget that has just been levied in the state capitol. This balance in Albany will end up being a sling shot to our local districts which will notably be our school districts. The implementation of the cap will force the local entities to implement cuts and reductions to any unnecessary expenditures that might not happen otherwise. You might say the faucet is being turned off. Will it be difficult? No one is saying it will be easy but  the choices the property owners face are also not easy.Many have spent their entire life here with a deep love of community.That community they see is being eroded away. They are now being faced with the choice of an exodus, so do we implement the cap, save our lifestyles and communities or do we continue the exodus?

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