The 99%er-in-Chief at His Wall Street Campaign Headquarters


“Look boys, our “revolution” is taking for ever.
It’s time to just start killing the top 1% of our population that is enslaving us.
They have all the money.  They control all the avenues to power and we’re locked out of the process.” ~Wall Street Protester (Possible campaign slogan? Maybe we should wait for suggestions from Roseanne Barr.)


Here we are down at Obama’s 99% headquarters with his campaign workers.

Anti-Semitic haters at campaign headquarters
Right Here All Over (Occupy Wall St.) from Alex Mallis on Vimeo.

Obama’s Washington Campaign Workers Planning to Terrify (You will be happy to know that SEIU services our voting machines and their attitude fills me with confidence)

Then there is Obama’s red army from no less than 15 unions, who rely on capitalism for their very jobs, and on Wall Street for their very pensions, who want to destroy Wall Street (explain that one for me, will you?) – The United Federation of Teachers (editor’s note – do you want them teaching your children), 32BJ SEIU, 1199 SEIU, Workers United and Transport Workers Union Local 100, and the United Auto Workers (you know, the ones we bailed out)  to name a few.