“The Affordable Health Care Act” (Obamacare) Is Now Law! Well, Almost.


Obama told us it would cost 850 billion dollars over 10 years, but now, The Congressional Budget Office tells us that it will cost 1.2 trillion dollars!

Let’s check those figures again!

Obama told us healthcare costs would go down! So, in its first year it rose substantially! Big deal!

Obama told us that insurance premiums would be reduced. They went up!  OK!  Give it time!

Obama said it was great for business. How come 1400 businesses have received an Obama exemption because they couldn’t afford it? They just don’t understand it!

Our President said, don’t worry, it is legal! Why then, would the Supreme Court be ruling on it this summer? What do they know?

Obama said everyone would love it BUT now 26 states have REFUSED! What’s wrong with these people?

Remember, Obama assured us it would PAY FOR ITSELF!  We now discover that to pay for it – 500 Billion dollars was IMMEDIATELY withdrawn from MEDICARE! Don’t worry you senior citizens, that won’t effect your care! Really?

It’s the bad Republicans who want to cut Medicare! Don’t you dare vote for them!  Forget the fact that the Ryan plan included NO CHANGES in Medicare, for anyone 50 yrs or older!!!

Today, we learn about another lie (whoops, sorry, didn’t mean that – Presidents don’t lie!). I meant we learn about another – well, a new, updated situation!

Don’t worry, Obama said, I’m for the working man. THAT IS NOT A NEW TAX!

So what happened? In order to defend Obamacare before the Supreme Court, his lawyers are claiming that the President has the Constitutional RIGHT to LEVY TAXES!

Do I have to repeat that? You got it! Right! IT’S A NEW TAX!

Are we being too critical? Too picky? He really does know what’s best for all of us! Doesn’t he?

When is he responsible for ANYTHING he says or does?

Oh, I remember:

The problems were much worse than he thought

Give him more time

Everything would be fine if it weren’t for those evil doctors, bankers, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, 1% er’s, Tea Party, and of course President Bush (how could I forget him?)

254 days until the election!!!

Editor’s Note: In this video, Obama’s budget director tries to decide if Obamacare is a tax or a fee. He ended up claiming it is a fee though the administration is presenting it as a tax before SCOTUS! We are clearly being snookered now that we’ve passed it to know what is in it.