The Al-Awlaki Question



President Obama’s drone campaign is very effective. I’m happy Al-Awlaki is gone, and I think Obama and our military should be congratulated.

Ron Paul and the ACLU, however, are upset that Al-Awlaki was not given his Constitutional rights. I don’t agree since Al-Awlaki was an enemy combatant, but the President did set himself up for this criticism since he lambasted Bush over the waterboarding “torture” argument.

Al-Awlaki was once feted by The Washington Post and NPR as one who would bridge the differences between Islam and the United States. The media really needs to vet people before they make grandiose statements in support of people. Al-Awlaki was never on our side and was radicalizing people in U.S. Mosques at the time he was being praised.

Getting back to the drone attack, the one thing I will say is that if someone asked Al-Awlaki whether he’d rather be waterboarded or blown up with a drone, I think he might have said to waterboard him.

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