The Amateur by Ed Klein Excerpts Pt I

Ed Klein

I will excerpt Edward Klein’s book, The Amateur, beginning today, because I find it to be very worthwhile reading.

An excerpt cannot substitute for the book but at least I will get some of the facts out and it might encourage others to read it. It gives insight into who Barack Obama is.

The Dark Side of Obama

For a year-and-a-half, Klein interviewed almost 200 people, in and out of the WH. Many knew Barack Obama more than 20 years. Some were positive and some negative, but all were consistent.

Klein says that he came face-to-face with something new in American politics – The Amateur – a president who is inept in the arts of management and governance, can’t learn from mistakes, and repeats polices that make the economy less robust and our nation less safe. A man who passes blame onto his opponents. He is thin-skinned and clings to the narcissistic life of the presidency but doesn’t enjoy it.

In writing the book, Klein hoped to find out how Obama turned into the most divisive president in recent American history.

He believes that Obama’s advisors have gone to great lengths to cover Obama’s dark side.

One of Obama’s closest friends said that he has always had delusions of grandeur and is afflicted with megalomania. He mentioned the arrogance of one who writes an autobiography before age 30, having achieved nothing. Then becomes a Senator with no experience for the job.

Klein believes Obama is in revolt against the values of the society he leads.

Obama wants to transform American into a European-style democratic-socialist welfare state [it has worked so well for them. I can’t wait to be Greece].

As Bill Sees It

Bill and Hillary were at it again, fighting, he wanted her to challenge Barack for the presidential nomination and she wanted to be loyal.

She told Bill the timing wasn’t right and that she didn’t want to risk everything.

[Bill and Hill fighting doesn’t come as a surprise to me. I knew an important official in the White House who said it was constant as was their salty language. When they would go into their chamber, they would say to not enter no matter what they heard. At least one secret service agent said that he could hear Hill throwing lamps at Bill. It was around the time of the Lewinsky scandal. But I digress.]

One witness to this particular fight as described in the book said that it went on for days, perhaps longer.

Bill was afraid he’d be too old if she waited. Bill had apparently conducted a secret poll in which voters were asked how they would feel about Hillary making a run against Obama. Bill said her numbers were all positive with African-Americans, Latinos, women, the elderly, and Jews moving away from Obama to her direction.

Hillary was very concerned that Obama would find out about the poll. Bill said no one would find out, [but now we all know because of this book.]

At the end of the prologue, Klein quotes Bill as deriding Hillary’s desire to be loyal. He said, “Loyalty is a joke. Loyalty doesn’t exist in politics…I’ve had two successors since I left the WH – Bush and Obama – and I’ve heard more from Bush, asking for my advice, than I’ve heard from Obama. I have no relationship with the president – none whatsoever. He doesn’t know how the world works. He’s incompetent, He’s…he’s…Barack Obama is an amateur!”

Part I
Chicago, That Toddlin’ Town

Hollow At the Core

Dr. David Scheiner was Obama’s personal physician for 22 years from the mid-80’s. Dr. Scheiner is a big supporter of socialized medicine, something Obama favors.

Dr. Scheiner is highly critical of Obama’s healthcare plan for not including practicing physicians. He doesn’t see how it can work – it has no cost control.

He called Obama a great speaker and a lousy communicator. He hasn’t gotten his message across and he hasn’t communicated with Congress. He called Dr. Benjamin, the Surgeon General, obese and asked why she hasn’t added to the healthcare debate. He called Sebellius a joke. [She is, isn’t she?]

He said Obama had an academic detachment that he couldn’t crack. He never spoke of his family life and never invited him to his home as other patients did. Dr. Scheiner said that Obama invited his barber to his inauguration but not him.

…to be continued tomorrow…

The WH is very opposed to the book for obvious reasons and have used their Attack Watch site to demonize the book. The book is currently a NY Times Best Seller. Interestingly, the WH attacks were on the reliability of the author, Mr. Klein, and there no denials of the content in the book by anyone as yet. Attack Watch refers to Klein’s work as salacious and gossipy – sounds like politics to me.

Edward Klein is a former Newsweek Editor and former Editor-in-Chief of Time Magazine.

In this video, he talks with Lou Dobbs –