The Appeasers Want to Offer An Oil Carrot to Iran


The appeasers are hard at work on the Iranian question. They are considering lifting one of the sanctions on Iran if they promise not to build a bomb. Iran must offer some guarantees. Works for me! Their word is golden.

This is another delaying tactic and the Iranians will play their usual cat-and-mouse game. One day we will wake up to the news that Iran has the bomb and God help us all when they do.

FT: West shifts stance on Iranian sanctions
Financial Times – Two hours ago

By Javier Blas in London, James Blitz in Amman and Geoff Dyer in Washington/ Western powers are prepared to offer Iran an “oil carrot” that would allow it to continue supplying crude to Asian customers in exchange for guarantees it is not building an atomic bomb. As the five permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, Germany and the European Union prepare for on Wednesday, diplomats and oil executives said Washington and Brussels were likely to hold out the prospect of a possible suspension of an EU insurance ban on ships …