The Chevy Volt Quiz


Let’s have a quiz!
 No cheating please! Here we go!

In 2011, how many Chevy Volts, on average, were sold each month in each state of the Union?

Now remember America, GM spent hundreds of millions of OUR taxpayer dollars developing this battery-run “super car” which will “save mankind from all of our global warming problems.”

Forget that the battery may burst into flames! Picky, picky! (hundreds of millions of our dollars also subsidized the battery industry)

Forget that the car costs over $41,000. Come on Barbara Streisand, get all your 1%er’s, all of your rich liberal friends to get with the program and at least buy one for a poor friend this Christmas. Whoops, there I go again! Sorry! This HOLIDAY season.

Forget that there are so many other fuel efficient cars.
 Come on Americans, do your “patriotic duty!”

Well, the numbers are in!
 In ALL of last year, GM sold, on average, in each state per month, THIRTEEN CHEVY VOLTS!!

Shall I repeat that?


In 2011, GM’s (I mean OUR) total sales for the ENTIRE country were  7,700! 
I have an idea!
 Let’s give the consumer a rebate incentive to buy it. That will work. Oh, I forgot. We did that also.

They got a $7,500 dollar rebate (that’s OUR money too and it will soon be a $10,000 rebate) and consumers still don’t want it!

Two “unimportant” announcements this week:

  1. GM announced, after they had just resumed production of this battery-run fiasco on February 6th, after a prolonged holiday shutdown, THEY WILL HALT PRODUCTION AGAIN for another 5 weeks because of slow sales. 
1300 workers unemployed!
 But don’t worry! We’ll pay for their unemployment benefits also. And, get ready for this one, a GM spokesperson said they were going to spend more of our money on  an  advertising campaign to “better explain the Volt’s benefits!” 
I guess I was just too “stupid” to get it the first time around.
  2. Toyota  announced that by 2020, it would be selling new hydrogen-powered cars. (Second thoughts anyone? What happened to electric?)
 Better get someone from the White House to talk to that company and set them straight.

Why don’t I trust Washington’s ability to spend my money wisely?
 I must be one of those Tea Party Radicals.

I have another idea. Why don’t we just GIVE any American (whoops, sorry – politically incorrect) ANYONE  who wants one, a “free” Chevy Volt ?