The Cold War Returns


So much for resetting the U.S.-Russia relations.

Reuters: …Russian President Dmitry Medvedev accused Washington on Thursday of imposing its plans to deploy a missile defense shield on European countries, a day after he threatened to retaliate if the United States pressed ahead with the project.

On Wednesday Medvedev said he would arm Russia with missiles capable of countering the U.S. shield, deploy additional weapons in the west and south and set up an early-warning radar system in its Baltic enclave to counteract the U.S. system, which is not expected to be fully in place until 2020…

Russia warns that they might pull out of the START Treaty, which is useless anyway. As soon as something happens that one or the other doesn’t like, they pull out and the treaty is null and void. It was never worth the paper it was written on and was more a symbolic and public relations gambit.

This latest grandstanding is an attempt by the Russians to divide the U.S. from its NATO partners and to weaken our efforts at defending the EU from enemies like Iran.

Spain, Poland, Romania have all agreed to house the missile shield.

Medvedev wants guarantees that the shield will not be aimed at Russia and the U.S. has stated it will be used to protect Europe from countries such as Iran.

Russia is an Iranian ally and has oil deals which are critical to Russia’s oil supplies.