President Obama’s Birth Certificate And Conspiracy Theories


President Obama's birth certificate

I am not interested in President Obama’s birth certificate and have always felt that dwelling on it diminished conservative opinions in other areas. However, for one time only, I will address the certificate issue.

The birth certificate does not appear fraudulent in my opinion. Some people have talked about the white halo effect around the lettering, but that is a common effect of OCR scanning. Others have claimed there is no seal but I could plainly see the seal on the certificates I downloaded. The claims that the different versions published are evidence of fraud does not ring true to me. President Obama has stated that he ordered a new version and that there is one from several years ago. There is also discussion of layers appearing when it is opened but the idea that the WH is so idiotic as to forge the document and forget to flatten layers doesn’t seem plausible to me. I personally put the certificate through a series of steps in several Adobe programs and do not see evidence of multiple manipulated layers. Some of the other issues are dealt with well by strata-sphere so I am referencing that site. Read more here: Debunking the claims of fraud