The Constitution: Death By Executive Orders


Thirty-eight seconds into the audio posted by Pat Dollard, on the link at the end of this paragraph, Howard Dean, who is speaking before a panel, says the following, when asked about Obama’s record: “Most people don’t know that. But the fact is I actually for the first time in July of 2009 read an entire presidential executive order, which is over 50 pages of legally gobbledygook which requires the government of the United States to comply with Kyoto. Luckily the Republicans never – I guess most of them can’t read that far anyway. And it’s an extraordinary thing.” Read here: Pat Dollard posting

Forget the Republicans, the President is violating the rule of law this country was founded upon. Approving a treaty without the 2/3 rds vote of the Senate is a violation of  the rule of law and the President is well aware.

In addition, it is just wrong. “Kyoto attempts to alleviate what may be a major cause of warming—the emission of greenhouse gases—by suppressing energy use in the developed world. Yet energy use is vital to modern health and wealth. The Kyoto treaty itself recognizes this fact by exempting developing countries, eager to achieve prosperity, from greenhouse gas reductions. As a result, China and India are likely to become the major emitters of greenhouse gases on the planet within a few decades. This means that, even with Kyoto, global emissions of greenhouse gases will continue to increase.

So the Kyoto Protocol will do virtually nothing to halt any possible global temperature increase— the temperature that would have been reached in 2100 will be reached in 2106. Yet independent analyses of the annual cost to the world of complying with Kyoto put it at between $150 billion and $350 billion a year (the global development aid budget is $50 billion annually). The cost of the “solution” vastly outweighs any purported benefits…” Read here: Kyoto protocol destructive and nonproductive.