The Dark Side of Black Friday – Competitive Shopper Pepper Sprays Customers


Update 11/27/11: The woman who pepper sprayed 20 customers at a Walmart on Thanksgiving has surrendered to police immediately after the event. She has not been arrested as charges are considered. She is free in time for Cyber Monday. She is described as Latino, about 5’3″ and 140 pounds. Her identity has been sealed.

Original Story: Stores opening on Thanksgiving might want to rethink that. We now have an atmosphere that leads to bargain hunting terrorists apparently.

Take this example – a “competitive shopper” walked into an LA Walmart and pepper sprayed 8 customers who went near the merchandise she wanted.

I guess on this Thanksgiving, we can be thankful that she didn’t have a machete.

How long before someone sues Walmart in our crazy litigious society?

The pepper spraying woman is on the lam. LA Times

Chaos at Walmart