The Democratic Campaign to Destroy Ann Romney

Ann Romney, wife of the next President of the United States
Ann Romney, wife of the next President of the United States

“…Ann Romney has never gotten her ass out of the house to work…” ~ Bill Maher

Bill Maher, mega-donor to Obama, is doing more than just being his usual perverse self, he’s become part of the attack campaign.

Ann Romney is an asset for Mitt Romney and has been lauded as such in the press. The attack on her was very predictable. She is smart, attractive and has impeccable character so what can the far left go after except the fact that she was a traditional, stay-at-home mother, something the radical feminists despise.

The fact that President Obama has recently talked about his wife being “forced” to work while raising children seems more than coincidental [check out the video below].

A little about Ann Romney –

Ann Lois Davies Romney attended Brigham Young University, married Mitt Romney prior to graduation, and completed her B.A. at Harvard Extension. She was diagnosed with MS in 1998 and is a breast cancer survivor.

While First Lady of Massachusetts, her charities included teenage pregnancy and MS awareness. She worked hard in an unpaid position helping faith-based groups obtain grants as part of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives and was known as a dynamo.

She has been involved in a number of children’s charities, including serving as director of the inner city-oriented Best Friends. She worked extensively with the Ten Point Coalition in Boston and with other groups that promoted better safety and opportunities for urban youths.

She was given the 2006 Lifetime Achievement Award from Salt Lake City-based Operation Kids. She has also served as a board member for the United Way of America and helped found United Way Faith and Action.

She raised five great children and supported her husband. Though she does not enjoy the political campaign process, she encouraged her husband and has been an indefatigable campaigner.

Ann Romney has more education than George Washington, Andrew Jackson, Andrew Johnson, Abraham Lincoln, Grover Cleveland, Martin Van Buren, Millard Fillmore, and Zachary Taylor, all of whom never went to college. Harry Truman attended Kansas City Law but never earned a degree. No one ever told them they were not allowed to offer any economic advice insofar as I know.

When all is said and done, Ann Romney is not running for office but the left does not want her to influence the female vote so she must be dispatched. Hilary Rosen is one of many attack dogs who will go after her from now until November.

In this video, Obama happens to praise Michelle’s as a working-mother and claims they didn’t have the luxury of having her stay home to raise the children. It happens to coincide with Hilary Rosen’s hate speech about stay-at-home mother, Ann Romney.

The attack on Ann Romney’s lack of outside work experience is a brilliant strategy –

Hilary Rosen, who has worked with DNC Chair, Wasserman-Schultz, the banshee of far left feminism, likely had the full support of her party when she began the attack on stay-at-home mom, Ann Romney.

In addition to her connection to the DNC, Rosen works with Anita Dunne, a close Obama associate along with her husband, Robert Bauer.

Hilary Rosen, who Obama pretends to barely know, visited the WH 35 times and has visited with Obama himself 5 times.

It could be an amazing coincidence instead of a coordinated effort but I don’t believe it.

Hilary Rosen lives an untraditional lifestyle and, if we apply her standards, she shouldn’t be saying anything about traditional women. If Ann Romney can’t talk about economics, Hilary can’t talk about traditional women.

As an aside, how is it that the Obamas didn’t have the luxury of letting Michelle stay home to raise the children when they were both rich and still are? Was it greed, did they feel impoverished…?

Michelle went from earning $121,910 in 2004 as an executive director at the hospital to making $316,962 in 2005 as a VP.

In 2006, the Obamas’ combined income was $983,826. Obama was a U.S. senator, making about $165,000 a year, and his wife’s income from the University of Chicago Medical Center was about $265,000 a year.

Obama’s book-writing career had also become profitable, earning him $551,240 in author fees for 2006 alone.

In 2008, Barack and Michelle Obama earned $2,656,902. [[MSNBC]

Oh the suffering! How could they possibly have survived without her income?

We can expect a lot more of these attacks on the Romneys.